9 Best Gasless Generators To Tackle Power Outages In 2023

It’s the middle of summer & fire season, and power outages are a regular scenario. This is why you want to use a generator to power your single-story home for the longest time. You want to lean toward the gasless generators as they emit no fumes. But the heck is you have never tried the battery-powered generator. So, you are seeking recommendations and want to know whether:

  • It works and is sturdy enough to use seasons after seasons or not
  • It’s practical to use or not.

Well, we found the gasless generator functional and practical to power household electric devices. However, before going for one, we want you to figure out what you will power and how long you need to power it. Then, you can decide what size of battery pack you need to charge those devices you wish.

To meet your requirements, we enlisted the 9 best gasless generators. They come with different wattage output and battery capacity. If you need a non-gas generator to power most household appliances, you can find one here. On the other hand, you can also get a generator if you want to take it to your next camping or outdoor adventure. So, without further ado, let’s check out the list.

How Does A Gasless Generator Work?

A gasless generator is no other different thing than a battery-powered generator. It actually doesn’t produce or generate. Instead of generating electric power, it converts mechanical energy into electric energy.

How Does A Gasless Generator Work

We call it a powerful battery pack instead of a generator. It stores power in a lithium battery. When recharging the battery, the ions from the positive electrode (cathode) go to the negative one (anode). Whenever you turn this device on and connect a device with it, it creates ion movement from the anode to the cathode. In this way, the generator generates an electric current and supplies the current to the device connected with it.

Unlike traditional gas-powered generators, it relies on electricity from the regular electric grid or the sunlight. You can recharge this device using the wall outlet, car adapter, and solar panel.

Why Should You Buy A Gasless Generator?

Whether you want to power your house during power outages or add a little convenience to your trip, a portable gasless generator will be the device that meets your demand. Let’s see what benefits you will enjoy if you use a battery-powered power station.

  • Easy to carry: Gasless generators are compact and come in a lightweight design. It can easily fit your SUV, car, and even your backpack. As a result, you can lug it around wherever you want and get the power to charge your devices on the go.
  • Safe to use: Gasless power stations are safe to use. Like gas-powered generators, they don’t emit carbon into the air and keep the environment healthy. So, you can power your house in a green way with green power.
  • Easy Maintenance: Battery-powered requires almost no maintenance. Like the old-school gas generators, gasless generators don’t require changing the filter and spark plug. It doesn’t only make the maintenance easy but saves your pocket too.

Comparison Chart:

Are you in a hurry? Then, keep your eyes on the comparison chart. It will help you decide which non-gas generator you should pick.

Best Gasless GeneratorBest ForWattage OutputBattery CapacityPower Outlets
EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station DELTABest for Home1800W1260Wh13
Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500Best for Camping & Outdoor Adventure500W518Wh7
Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power StationEmergency Preparedness Camping300W505Wh8
 Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen300s Portable Power StationBest Portable300W296Wh7
BLUETTI Portable Power StationBest Premium2000W2000Wh17
ROCKPALS 300W Portable Power StationBest Mini Power Station300W280Wh8
 PROGENY Portable Power Station 300WHonorable Pick300W299Wh5
MARBERO 167Wh Portable Power StationBest Budget100W167Wh8
Duracell PowerSource Quiet Gasless Portable Power and Solar GeneratorNot Specified1440W660Wh7

9 Best Gasless Generator Reviews

After spending hours on research, we reviewed & recommended the 9 best non-gas generators. And this chapter will disclose everything (including good and bad) about those gasless generators. As a result, you can pick the right one to power your house or get the one for your next trip.

Best Gasless Generator

1. EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station DELTA – Best for Home

Keep your every home device fully charged during the complete blackout, power outages, and emergencies! This portable power station features the largest capacity (1260Wh) and max wattage output (1800W). So, every appliance like a phone, computer, or coffee maker will stay in charge of any situation, and you can charge 13 multiple devices at once.

EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station DELTA

As a result, no electric device in your home will remain out of charge, making this power station perfect for power outages. In short, it’s the best gasless generator for home. Below, we break down every breathtaking feature this battery-powered power station includes.

Max Output

The overall max output of this gasless generator is 1800W. It allows you to power devices most other portable power stations can’t. With it, you can charge a toaster, coffee maker, vacuum cleaner, and the list goes on and on. It’s so powerful that you can charge 13 devices at once. In short, it provides enough juice to let you brew a cup of coffee and listen to your fav radio station.


Apart from its max output, the other thing that makes the battery apart from other portable power stations is its capacity. It has 1260 watts hours of capacity. For this context, you can operate your laptop for 8 hours. Or, if you want to light up a 100-watt bulb, you would be able to do that for 12.6 hours. In short, you can keep all of your home devices fully charged during power outages.

Fast Recharging

Something that we love the most about this generator is its fast charging system. Its max input is 400W. It means you can charge this device quickly. According to our personal test, we found it goes from 0% to 80% within 1 hour and to 100% within one and a half hours. On the other hand, if you use a standard AC cable, you can recharge it more than 10 times faster than other portable power stations in the market.

Multiple Charging Outputs

Thanks to its 6x 1800W AC outlets. We can now power up most essential home appliances like mini-fridges or coffee makers to keep us refreshed during a complete blackout or power outage. Or, we can tackle our outdoor projects by powering up heavy-duty power tools. Besides, it has 7 other charging ports to power your smartphone, laptop, or CPAP machine. Indeed, you can power up to 13 multiple devices at once with this battery-powered generator.

Smart Display

Its smart display is something else that impressed us a lot. It shows multiple things like input and output or percentage of something. But the unique attribute about the display is it says specifically how many hours or even how many minutes you have left. We have done a few basic tests and it seems pretty accurate. For example, we use this with our swamp cooler and it was said we can run the swamp cooler for about two hours. And sure enough, it lasts for about exactly two hours.

Triple Rechargeable Modes

Delta power station is equipped with a lithium battery pack. You can recharge the battery in three ways. It features three 160W solar panels to let you fully charge the portable gasless generator within just 3.5-7 hours. On the other hand, if you go on a trip and need it to recharge, you can use the car adapter to charge this device within 13.5 hours. Lastly, you can put this generator into a standard AC outlet to recharge it within 2 hours.


  • Brand: EF ECO FLOW
  • Wattage: 1800W (3300W peak)
  • Battery Capacity: 1260Wh
  • Recharging Modes: 3
  • Outlet: 13 outlets
  • Frequency: 60hz
  • Weight: 30.9 lbs

Quick Facts

  • 1260Wh capacity with 1800W AC power allows you to power 13 home devices
  • Incorporate X-Stream Recharge Technology to recharge Delta from 0 to 80% within an hour
  • Three charging modes, including car adapter, solar panels, and standard AC outlet make it a breeze to recharge the generator
  • Overload protection and High/Low-temperature protection systems ensure superior safety
Why do we love it?
  • Charge any device quickly
  • Compatible with a wide range of home appliances & power tools
  • Can power up appliances quietly due to its low noise level (less than 50 DB)
  • Safe to use because of incorporating several protection systems
What were we disappointed with?
  • It’s a bit bulky
  • The generator is not returnable

Why Should You Buy It?

If you want to power up every essential home appliance during power outages, you should go for the EcoFlow Delta. It is powered by 1800W AC outlets with a 1260Wh large capacity to power up 13 multiple devices simultaneously.

2. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500 – Best for Camping & Outdoor Adventure

Power-to-go in a compact and lightweight design! This sentence perfectly resembles the Jackery Portable Power Station. It comes with plenty of power output and multiple connections to charge the mainstream gears you carry for camping or road trips. Plus, its basketball-like size and solid handle make it a breeze to lug around, making this device compact & reliable for camping and outdoor adventure. Now, take a look at the following features that make it perfect for the outdoors.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500

500 Watt Output

With an output of 500, the Explore 500 is great for use on the road, backyard power, and outdoor recreations. It delivers enough punch to charge most appliances you carry for camping or outdoor adventure. This power station from Jackery allows you to power an electric blanket, mini cooler, or drone to keep your every device fully charged. So, you don’t need to go back home so soon.

518 Wh Battery Capacity

The capacity of the Jackery Explorer is 518Wh. With a large capacity, it is ready to power low to high-power appliances. Due to its large capacity, you can run the TV for 7.5 hours. If you want to illuminate your camp with 5w light, you can light up your home for 45 hours. On the other hand, you can run a mini-fridge for 9.5 hours to keep yourself refreshed.

4 Recharging Options

Recharge your Jackery Portable Gasless Generator the way you want. It has four recharging options, including a wall socket, a car outlet, an electric generator, and a solar panel.

You can easily change this device into a solar generator by connecting the SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel with this gasless generator. It incorporates MPPT technology to charge the Explorer 500 fully under full sun in just 9.5 hours. Keep in mind; the explorer doesn’t come with a solar panel. You need to buy it separately.

Multiple Protection Systems

Safety first, right? Then, Jackery Explorer 500W will back up your security with several layers of protection. It features over-current, over-charge, over-voltage, and thermal protection. It means when you try to charge an appliance over 500W, over-current or over-voltage protection systems will shut the gasless generator off automatically.


  • Brand: Jackery
  • Wattage: 500 Watts
  • Battery Capacity: 518Wh
  • Recharging Modes: 4
  • Outlet: 7
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Weight: 13.3lbs

Quick Facts

  • 518Wh capacity with 500 watts inverter provides enough punch to charge up low to high-power appliances
  • Feature multiple output ports to let you power several appliances at a time
  • Use MPPT Charge Controller to charge this device quickly with a solar panel
  • Its compact & lightweight design with a carrying handle makes it super portable
Why do we love it?
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to lug around due to its compact & lightweight design
  • Offer plenty of power to charge low to high-power appliances
  • Loaded with several protection systems to ensure safety
What were we disappointed with?
  • It comes with no power cord with adapters for solar panels

Why Should You Buy It?

Jackery Explorer 500 gives plenty of power in its compact and portable design. So, it will be the best gasless power generator you rely on to power every appliance you carry for camping or outdoor recreations.

3. Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station – Emergency Preparedness Camping

Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station has more than double the storage capacity of its predecessor- Yeti 200X. Whether you need it on the job site, in the backyard, or in your go-bag when disaster strikes, Yeti 500x will back you up with plenty of power. Explore the following features that make the Yeti 500x gasless generator perfect for emergency preparedness camping.

Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station

508-Watt Hour Capacity

At the heart of the Yeti 500x, you can find the lithium-ion battery with a 505 watt-hour storage capacity. It provides enough power to let you charge small to medium electric appliances. This will provide up to 8 charges on the laptop, and you will get up to 10 hours of runtime on portable fridges, TVs, and pellet grills.

Multiple Port Options

Yeti 500x Gasless Generator comes with several port options. It’s capable of powering a wide range of devices with multiple port options, including a powerful 300W, 120V AC inverter, a 60 watt USBC delivery port, and more. As a result, you can power up multiple devices at a time.

High-speed Charging Solution

Thanks to Yeti for solving the problem of slow charging. Yeti 500X Power Station is equipped with advanced charge technology. It incorporates a high-speed Power Delivery port to power up laptops, mobiles, and mirrorless cameras in a fraction of the time.

Fast Recharging

An MPPT charge controller is something we fall in love with. By switching from the former PWM charge controller to MPPT, you can see a 30% more efficient charge from the Goal Zero solar lineups. This advanced charging system will recharge your Yeti 500x within less than three hours.

Three Rechargeable Modes

Recharge your Yeti 500x the way you want. Connecting the Yeti with a compatible solar panel, you can recharge it from the sun. Also, you use the 60W power supply to plug this gasless generator into the wall to charge it within 10 hours. Lastly, you also power up your Yeti using the Yeti 12V car charging cable.


  • Brand: Goal Zero
  • Wattage: 300 Watts
  • Battery Capacity: 505Wh
  • Recharging Modes: Three
  • Outlet: 8
  • Weight: 12.9lbs

Quick Facts

  • 500-watt output with 505Wh battery capacity gives enough punch to let you charge anything you can power from the wall outlet
  • The Yeti 500X comes with an MPPT charge controller, which maximizes charge efficiency by 30%
  • Has four different port options to power up a wide range of devices
  • It uses the latest charge technology to power up devices like camera, laptop, and portable fridge in a friction of time
Why do we love it?
  • Come with a foldable handle with a comfortable & non-slip grip
  • Allow you to use it while charging
  • Deliver built-in overload, overcharge, and short-circuit protections
  • Provide high-speed charging solution
What were we disappointed with?
  • Continuous output is only 300 watts

Why Should You Buy It?

If you want to get a portable power station that will back you up in an emergency case and charge the devices quickly, go for the Yeti 500X Gasless Generator.

4. Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen300s Portable Power Station – Best Portable

Westinghouse iGen300s Portable Power Station is the best gasless portable generator on this list. The weight of this power station is 6.35 lbs. Besides, its easy-to-carry & slimmer profile fits into your trunk or travel duffle. On top of this, it comes with an ergonomic handle. As a result, you can take it with you on every trip to power your essential small electric appliances. Now, let’s see what features this compact power station delivers.

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen300s Portable Power Station

300 Continuous Watts

Unlike other power stations on this list, the continuous watt output of this gasless generator is only 300. Though it’s not powerful enough like the EcoFlow Delta, it will not disappoint you for outdoor activities. You can charge up all your outdoor recreational electric appliances like cameras, phones, GoPros, drones, and speakers. However, if you want to charge up the fridge or power tools, we don’t recommend it.

296 Wh Battery Capacity

It features a 296Wh battery capacity. Yes, it’s not come with a large capacity like the Jackery or EcoFlow Delta, but it will get the job done. You can power up small appliances like phones, cameras, drones, and laptops. With this small capacity battery, you can charge the smartphones up to 31 times. If you have string lights, you can run them for about 42 hours. However, we don’t recommend you get this to power the refrigerator.

Versatile Outlets

7 versatile outlets are something we love most about this battery-powered gasless generator. It has two 120V household outlets, a USB port, a quick charge USB port, a USB-C port, a 6mm 9-12V DC outlet, and a 12V cigarette lighter outlet. Now, you can power up to seven multiple devices at a time with this generator.

Multiple Rechargeable Options

You can recharge this device at home, on the go, and in a field. Just plug this device into your household outlet to charge the power station within 5 hours. On the other hand, if you are on a trip, you can also charge this gasless generator by using the car adapter within 7 hours. Finally, you can use a solar panel to charge the Westinghouse iGen300s greenly.

Pure Sine Wave

The pure sine wave technology ensures all the outlets produce green & clean power. It powers up all the devices efficiently and ensures every device will work at its full specifications. Therefore, it keeps your every electric appliance safe from harmful voltage spikes.

LED Data Center

Thanks to its LED display. It delivers easy-to-read information from wattage to battery-level information. So, you can easily know how much time you can use this generator and when you need to charge it up.


  • Brand: Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Wattage: 300W (continuous)
  • Battery Capacity: 296Wh
  • Recharging Modes: 3
  • Outlet: 7
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Weight: 6.35 lbs

Quick Facts

  • It is equipped with 7 versatile outlets to charge up to 7 devices at a time.
  • 296 Watt-Hours of Li-Ion Battery Capacity makes this device ideal for charging small appliances like smartphones, laptops, and cameras.
  • Three charging modes to recharge the battery-powered generator with ease
  • LED display provides all the reading like wattage, battery percentage, and more
Why do we love it?
  • Portable & lightweight
  • Convenient to use
  • Charge up small electric devices efficiently
  • Multiple recharging options make it easy to charge the device
What were we disappointed with?
  • It’s not perfect for charging coffee makers or other heavy-duty devices

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a portable power station for camping, you should go for the Westinghouse iGen300s Gasless Generator. It comes with a compact design, which is only 6.35 lbs. As a result, you can lug it around with ease and power up small devices like phones on the go.

5. BLUETTI Portable Power Station – Best Premium

BLUETTI Portable Power Station AC200P is our premium pick. Though it’s pricey, it is worth every penny. This gasless generator offers maximum watt output, battery capacity, and prolonged lifespan. Below, we will break down the features it delivers. So, keep scrolling.

BLUETTI Portable Power Station AC200P

2000 Watts Output

Provide the maximum watt output! The wattage output of this portable power station is 2000W. It means you can use the generator to power up most household & heavy-duty appliances. It’s so powerful that you can charge up to 17 devices at a time. In short, no devices in your will remain uncharged during the power outages or blackout situations.

2000Wh Battery Capacity

Stay charged anywhere, anytime with the 2000Wh battery capacity! Due to its large battery capacity, you can power almost every home electric device or heavy-duty power tool. For example, you can run a coffee maker for 1.5 hours to brew coffee. On the other hand, if you wish to run a 5000-BTU air conditioner,  it also allows you to do that. Indeed, it’s one of the best non-gas generators in the market.

Ultra-Durable & Safe Power

Thanks to its LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery. It delivers 3500+ long life cycles, which adds longevity to it. You can use this generator for 10 years. On top of this, its advanced Battery Management System uses AC200P technology. It monitors everything and protects this device from potential risks. Indeed, it’s the best battery-powered generator on the market.

17 Versatile Outlets

Believe it or not, the BLUETTI Power Station will let you power up 17 different devices at a time. It comes with 17 versatile power outlets. So, there is no shortage of outlets to charge your electric appliances. Among them, the 6x2000W AC outlets make us completely satisfied. You can plug in a coffee maker, air conditioner, and other heavy-duty power tools and power them up.

Multiple Rechargeable Options

7 recharging options make it a breeze to charge the gasless generator! You can recharge the battery-powered power station using an AC outlet, solar panel, car adapter, generator, lead battery, Dual AC, and AC+ Solar. So, don’t worry about recharging options.


  • Brand: BLUETTI
  • Wattage: 2000W
  • Battery Capacity: 2000Wh
  • Recharging Modes: 7
  • Outlet: 17
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Weight: 60.6 pounds

Quick Facts

  • 2000 watts output allows you to charge any home electric appliances
  • 2000Wh battery capacity gives enough punch to run a fridge, air conditioner, coffee maker, and other bunches of electric devices
  • Come with LiFePO4 with 3500+ cycles to add longevity
  • Loaded with 17 versatile power outlets to power up 17 different electric devices
Why do we love it?
  • Let you power up every appliance from small to heavy-duty devices like fridge or coffee maker
  • Advanced LiFePO4 battery ensures the longevity
  • Ensure superior safety as it loads with a lot of security protection systems
  • Easy to recharge this device due to its 7 recharging options
What were we disappointed with?
  • It’s a bit bulky. It would be best if it comes with a dolly or other wheeled support for moving.

Why Should You Buy It?

We recommend you go for the BLUETTI if the budget doesn’t matter to you. It features a 2000 wattage output with a 2000Wh large battery to power up every appliance of your house including the fridge, AC, coffee maker, and others.

6. ROCKPALS 300W Portable Power Station -Best Mini Power Station

ROCKPALS 300W Portable Power Station is the best mini gasless generator on this list. The 300W power station features a 280Wh battery pack. From this portable generator, you will get enough power to charge small to medium-size electric devices like smartphones or mini car refrigerators. Now, let’s discover the attributes of this battery-powered power station.

ROCKPALS 300W Portable Power Station

300W Output

The overall wattage output you will get from this generator is 300W. Yes, it’s not much. But for emergency cases, it will give you the support you need the most. For this context, you can power up your smartphones or the bulb you need for outdoor camping during power outages. However, don’t expect it to charge a coffee maker or a hair dryer.

289Wh Battery Capacity

Unlike other powerful power stations, it comes with a 280Wh large battery capacity. It generates sufficient power to charge your iPhone about 28-29 charges. You can even operate a mini car refrigerator for 5-6 hours. However, never try it to power up your coffee maker, toaster, or microwave oven.

Multi-function Power Outlets

This portable generator features a bunch of power outlets to charge versatile devices. It has an AC outlet to power a mini car refrigerator efficiently. Therefore, it includes 2 DC Ports, 2 USB 3.1A, a 3.0 USB, and a USB-C PD to charge your small electric devices. Turns out, you can also use a DC converter to power up your CPAP machine. In this case, you should buy the DC converter separately as it doesn’t include it.

Fast Charging

We can’t expect such a blazing-speed charging system from this non-gas generator. It has Quick charge USB 3.0 and 30W USB-C PD to make the charging 40% faster. Now, you can charge your small and other PD devices, from mobile phones to laptops at top speed. You can even revive your MacBook Pro within 3-4 hours due to its super-fast charging systems.

Multiple Recharging Options

Like other top-rated portable power stations, you can also recharge this gasless generator in multiple ways. You can use an AC wall outlet to recharge this device within 4.5-5.5 hours. A carport can also be used to power up this generator within 6-7 hours. And lastly, it is compatible with 100W solar panels (need to buy separately). The best part is- it incorporates the MPPT technology to charge this device faster with solar panels (within 4.5-6.5 hours). In short, you can recharge the ROCKPALS 300W Generator the way you want.


  • Brand: ROCKPALS
  • Wattage: 300W
  • Battery Capacity: 280Wh
  • Recharging Modes: 5
  • Outlet: 8
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs

Quick Facts

  • The 300W power station comes with a 280Wh battery capacity to charge every small and PD device effectively
  • Feature 8 power outlets to charge multiple devices
  • USB 3.0 and 30W USB-C PD output increase the charging efficiency by 40%
  • 5 recharging options to charge up the gasless generator
Why do we love it?
  • It’s compact, portable, and functional
  • Charge up phones, laptops, and other small appliances quickly
  • Come with a solid & good-performance battery
  • Easy to use
What were we disappointed with?
  • The only drawback we found is its cooling fan. It makes a bit of noise like a tiny model T ford.

Why Should You Buy It?

We recommend this power station from ROCKPALS if you are looking for a gasless generator to charge up small devices like smartphones, laptops, and a mini car refrigerator. It is portable and comes with a 280Wh battery capacity to power up your small camping appliances.

7. PROGENY Portable Power Station 300W – Honorable Pick

PROGENY 300W Portable Power Station is another portable gasless generator you can try out to power your small appliances. Though it’s less powerful than Jackery or EcoFlow Delta, it has some breathtaking features. Below, we will break down each of them to let you decide whether you should pick it for your next trip or not.

Portable Power Station 300W

300W Output

Provide enough wattage output to ensure power safety and stability for your trip! Though the power output is comparatively, it doesn’t disappoint you. With the 300W power station, you can charge up small yet essential camping appliances like phones, laptops, mini-fridge, and CPAP. However, never try to power anything above 300W rated.

299Wh Capacity

The overall battery capacity of this generator is 299Wh. Yes, it’s not much powerful. But it will help you charge up and operate small electric appliances during power outages. This small capacity generator can efficiently charge your smartphones 40 times. You can even use a mini-fridge (45W) for about 5-18 hours. However, don’t expect this power station to use a blender or coffee maker.

Multiple Outputs

Power up to most of the 5 essential electric appliances and stay in charge for your entire trip! It features five power outlets, including a 110V AC outlet, 2 DC 12V Ports, a QC3.0 PORT, and a USB-C port. If you want to use a mini-fridge, just plug it into the AC outlet. The other remaining ports will help you charge your phones, laptops, and CPAP machine.

3 Recharging Modes

It has three recharging options. They are a solar panel, a carport, and an AC wall outlet. The gasless generator has a built-in MPPT technology to make the recharging faster if you use the solar panel charging option. If you are on the road, you can charge the generator within 7-8 hours using the carport. Finally, you can fast recharge this device by plugging it into an AC outlet.


  • Brand: Progeny
  • Wattage: 300W
  • Battery Capacity: 299Wh
  • Recharging Modes: 3
  • Outlet: 5
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Weight: 7 pounds

Quick Facts

  • The 300W portable power station features a 299Wh battery capacity to power low to medium power electric devices
  • Feature 5 multi-function power outlets to charge five different devices at a time
  • 3 recharging modes allow you to charge the generator the way you want
  • Come with a layer of protection to ensure safety & extend battery life
Why do we love it?
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Eco-friendly as it emits no harmful gas
What were we disappointed with?
  • The fan is a bit louder

Why Should You Buy It?

If you can’t decide which gasless generator you should pick, you must go for this one. Its 299Wh battery is capable of recharging every small electric appliance.

8. MARBERO 167Wh Portable Power Station – Best Budget

MARBERO 167Wh Portable Power Station is our budget-friendly pick. Though it’s affordable, it doesn’t lose its charging efficiency. Below, we will discuss the features it delivers that makes this generator functional.

MARBERO 167Wh Portable Power Station

100W Output

This is a basic type of generator for powering up normal electric devices like phones. The watt output of the generator is only 100W. Anything above this rate will not be applicable to power with the MARBERO power station.

167Wh Capacity

Though the battery capacity of this gasless generator is only 167Wh, you can still run & power up a wide range of devices. It allows you to charge a phone 12 times, a tablet, and a laptop 2 times. You can even power up a CPAP (below 100W) machine for 4-5 hours. But if you want to operate a coffee maker or electric kettle, this generator will not support you in this case.

Multiple Outputs

Despite having low wattage output & battery capacity, it comes with 8 different power outlets. It has 2x USB Ports, 2x AC Ports, 2x DC ports, a QC3.0 USB port, and a USB C port. As a result, you can plug eight different electronic devices like phones, laptops, and tablets to power them up with ease.

3 Recharging Options

3 recharging modes are available to charge this emergency battery supply. You can plug the generator into an AC 110V wall socket to power the gasless generator. Alternatively, you can recharge it under direct sunlight with the solar panel. And lastly, it can be plugged into a car cigarette lighter outlet to charge this battery-powered generator.


  • Brand: MARBERO
  • Wattage: 100W
  • Battery Capacity: 167Wh
  • Recharging Modes:3
  • Outlet: 8
  • Frequency: 60HZ
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds

Quick Facts

  • Come with a 167Wh battery capacity to power up small electric appliances like phones, laptops, and CPAP under 100W
  • Has 8 multiple power outlets to charge different devices at a time
  • 3 recharging ways make it a breeze to charge the gasless generator
Why do we love it?
  • The lightweight design with a carrying handle makes it easy to lug around
  • Its built-in LED flashlight will work as a lighting tool
  • A handy power box to charge phones, tablets, iPad, and battery pack
  • Simple to use
What were we disappointed with?
  • It would be best if they specify what size of solar panel we should get

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are on a budget and want to charge small appliances like a phone, tablet, iPad, and battery pack, we recommend you to go for it.

9. Duracell PowerSource Quiet Gasless Portable Power and Solar Generator – Great For Power

Power you can depend on! This is what we can say about the Duracell PowerSource Gasless Generator. Its 660Wh battery capacity delivers the power you need during power outages. From this gasless generator, you will get clean & quiet power with no fumes of a traditional gas-powered generator. Herein below, we will reveal every feature & benefit this device provides.

Duracell PowerSource Quiet Gasless Portable Power

1440W Output

This gasless generator provides 1440 Watts continuous output and 1800 Watts of peak output. So, you will never have trouble running household appliances like refrigerators or TVs. It has so much muscle that you can also charge & operate a blender with no problems.

660Wh Capacity

Thanks to its 660Wh battery capacity! It generates & delivers plenty of power to keep every device in your home fully charged. Because of the extra capacity battery, you can use the refrigerator for 5 hours, LCD TV for 10 hours, and even a sump pump for 1.5 hours. Indeed, there is virtually no electric device in your home that can’t be powered up with this gasless generator.

Multiple Outputs

Power up multiple devices at a time! It has four AC outlets to charge essential household electric appliances like refrigerators, blenders, or TVs. On the other hand, you can use the 2 USB Ports to power devices like smartphones. And finally, the 2V DC Power Outlet will help you run and charge the CPAP machine.

Easy Recharging Option

Thanks to its integrated solar controller. Because of this feature, this device is compatible with most solar panels to charge this gasless generator. The best part is- the integrated solar controller uses an Anderson connector to recharge your non-gas generator within 10 hours.

LCD Display

Its LCD display will help you monitor the status of your gasless generator. The Input option will let you know whether you recharge this device from an AC outlet and solar panel. On the other hand, the Output option will indicate how much power is drawn from this generator. Finally, the Level section will provide the information about remaining battery capacity.


  • Brand: Duracell
  • Wattage: 1440W
  • Battery Capacity: 660Wh
  • Recharging Modes: 1
  • Outlet: 7
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Weight: 56.8 lbs

Quick Facts

  • 660 watt-hour battery capacity to charge every household electric device
  • Come with 7 outlets to power multiple appliances
  • Has instant-on UPS feature to offer immediate backup power when the regular power source fails
  • LCD Display provides every information from battery percentage to input and output status
Why do we love it?
  • Sturdy and well-built design
  • Perfect for indoor use
  • Can power up every household electric device
  • Extended battery life
What were we disappointed with?
  • It’s a bit bulky

Why Should You Buy It?

Don’t hesitate to go for this high-capacity power station if you want to charge every household electric device. It features a 660Wh capacity battery to power multiple devices during power outages.

How To Power A House With A Gasless Generator?

Powering a house with a gasless generator is not rocket science. It’s similar to the way you charge your mobile using a power bank.

How To Power A House With A Gasless Generator

First, turn on your gasless generator by tapping the power button. Then, plug your household device or the appliance you want to charge into a specific port. For example, if you want to power your refrigerator, plug it into the AC outlet of your gasless generator.

On the other hand, you should plug your smartphone into the USB port of the generator. Thus, how you can power your house with the gasless generator.

How To Choose Best Gasless Generator

The following criteria will help you choose the best portable & battery-powered power station.

How To Choose Best Gasless Generator


Before going for a gasless generator, you should consider the output wattage. In other words, note the power capacity first before buying a battery-powered generator. How much power this device generates will determine how many appliances or electric devices you can run with it. Generally, a battery-powered generator comes between 200 watts to 5000 watts. Based on the appliance numbers you wish to power, choose the generator with sufficient wattage output to meet your requirements.

Battery Type & Capacity

Manufacturers incorporate two types of batteries in a gasless generator for storing power. They are lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. Comparing the lithium-ion and lead-acid, lithium-ion batteries are 95% more efficient than the lead-acid ones. This battery type gets charged faster and has a more effective battery capacity. Turns out, lithium-ion batteries are lighter and last longer. However, this battery type is expensive to get.

Once you choose the battery type, it’s time to check how long it will last. Generally, the battery of a generator could last 8 hours. However, you can charge the battery of your generator again.

Outlet Number

The number of outlets a battery-powered generator has will determine its versatility. More outlets (especially AC) means you can power up more AC-powered appliances at once. Regarding this, you can go for the BLUETTI Portable Power Station AC200P. It comes with 6 AC outlet ports and 11 other outlets to charge more devices.

Charging Option

Here charging options mean how you can power up the gasless generator once its battery ends. Make sure the battery-powered generator comes with fast charging AC inputs, dual AC charging, and a solar panel or automotive electrical outlet. The solar panel or automotive electrical outlet will help you charge the generator if you go away from regular grids for a few days.


Fortunately, most battery-powered generators we enlisted are compact, lightweight, and portable. It means they fit anywhere in your home or your car. Besides, some of them are less than 7 lbs. So, you will never struggle to carry them around. Regarding this, we recommend you go for the Westinghouse iGen300s. It’s only 6.35 lbs, which makes it a breeze to lug around.


Of course, buying a gasless generator requires a lot of investment. So, we recommend you get the battery or solar-powered generator that comes with at least a year of warranty. It will help you get free replacements until the warranty date expires.


The price of a gasless generator is somewhere between $100 to $2000 based on battery type and an option of a solar panel. Generally, a battery-powered generator with a lithium-ion battery is more pricer than a lead-acid powered generator. However, it’s worth the extra bucks because this type of generator is more efficient and has an extended lifespan. You can use nearly 100% of the power of a generator with the lithium-ion battery. On the other hand, you can use only 30-50% of the power of a lead-acid powered battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gasless Generators Safe?

Yes, gasless generators are safe. They don’t emit harmful gasses (carbon monoxide) like the fuel-powered generator and are less susceptible to electric accidents. Therefore, the gasless generator comes with over & under-voltage protection, temperature protection, and a battery management system. So, you don’t need to worry about safety when using a gasless generator.

How Long Does A Gasless Generator Last?

We can provide an answer to this question from two perspectives. Firstly, if you want to talk about the overall longevity of the generator, then the gasless generator will support you for around 3-4 hours based on your usage and the way you charge it. On the other hand, it will last around 8 hours if you want us to discern the battery life of the generator by asking that question.

Can A Portable Air Conditioner Run On A Gasless Generator?

We don’t think a portable air conditioner can run on a gasless generator. The power output of a gasless generator could be between 200 and 5000 watts. On the other hand, a mid-size portable air conditioner uses 2900 watts of electricity, and it requires more than double of peak output or watt surge. So, we don’t think it’s possible to run a portable air conditioner on a battery-powered generator.

Does A Generator Charge Its Own Battery?

Most generators in the market can’t charge their battery while running. It means they need a trickle charger, which you can use to plug them into the main power. However, some generators like Honda generators can charge their battery while you operate them. But most of the time you need to plug the generator into a separate outlet to charge its battery.

Final Words

Battery-powered or gasless generators are functional, portable, and eco-friendly. They will support you and power your house during power outages season without emitting harmful carbon monoxide. So, you can go for any of the non-gas generators we mentioned above.

However, if you can’t decide which one you should pick and want an expert suggestion, we recommend you get the EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station DELTA. It offers 1800 wattage output and 1260 large capacity. As a result, you can charge any household appliances with no problems. Plus, it comes with 13 different outlets to charge multiple devices at a time. So, no appliances in your house during power outages will remain unpowered.

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