Best Generator For Pop Up Camper

You must be pretty familiar with the pop up campers or already owned one. This recreational vehicle is very popular for camping and outdoor activities with easy storage and transportability. If you’re a camping lover, then a pop-up camper will make your road trip and adventure more enjoyable and memorable. Then what’s next?

Well, you only require a reliable generator to power up this vehicle for a long time, especially while using electronics and appliances. To do this, you’ve to choose the best generator for pop up camper according to its purposes, features, and benefits.

But it wouldn’t be equally easy for everyone to pick a camping generator for pop up camper to get an optimal output sometimes. Therefore, our experts suggest to you the best generators from in the market after a thorough study and research. Want to explore them? Let’s get started with our reviews and buying guide.

Can You Use A Portable Generator With a Pop Up Camper?

Definitely, yes. A portable generator would be a great choice for your pop-up. These generators are very suitable for the camper since you can take them with you anywhere. In reality, most camping generators are portable other than other heavyweight or build-in ones.

The built-in or other inverter generators come with a heavyweight, so it’s difficult to carry to the campsites. Although, they’ve own features, benefits, applications, etc. However, owning a portable generator will get you several benefits too. These include less fuel cost, durable power backup, low maintenance, multiple power outlets besides portability.

How Many Watt Generator Do I Need For A Pop Up Camper?

In general, a 1,200 to 3,000 watts generator would be a suitable choice when you’re boondocking with the pop up vehicle. But, using air conditioning and pop-up size may increase the power up to 3,500 watts. If you don’t think about how much power watts need for the camper before purchase, it may go wrong.

Since getting lower watts of the generator may harm your activity while you’re in the campground far away from the locality. There’re several generators that come in a portable size, including 1,000, 1,200, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500, 3,000 watt, etc. However, you should have the calculation of how appliance and watts to find the extract-match generator.

Here, we’ve provided a table including a list of appliances and approximate watts calculations for getting your desired generator:

Device and Appliance Surge watt Running watt
LED light 3 to 30 watts 3 to 30 watts
Fan 120 watts 60 watts
TV (LCD/LED) 200 to 300 watts 200 to 300 watts
Laptops 220 to 240 watts 220 to 240 watts
Satellite TV receivers 200 to 250 watts 200 to 250 watts
CD/DVD player 280 watts 280 watts
Coffee maker 500 to 600 watts 500 to 600 watts
Refrigerator 500 to 600 watts 150 to 200 watts
Microwave 620 to 1,500 watts 620 to 1,500 watts
Hairdryer 900 to 1,400 watts 900 to 1,400 watts
Air conditioner 900 to 3,500 watts 280 to  1,650 watts
Heater 1,100 watts 1,100 watts
Oven and stove 2,750 to 3,500 watts 2,750 to 3,500 watts

Comparison Chart:

Generator Under $300It's Best ForWattageDimensionsWeightColorVoltage
WEN 56380i Inverter GeneratorEditor’s Choice3800 watts ‎23.2 x 18 x 20.1 inches2 poundsOrange/Black120 Volts
BILT HARD Inverter GeneratorMost Powerful4000 watts ‎22 x 18 x 10 inches105 poundsBlue121 Volts
Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Inverter GeneratorAffordable But Powerful2200 watts ‎20.3 x 12.5 x 17.8 inches43 poundsBlue122 Volts
PowerSmart Portable Inverter GeneratorBest For Portability2200 watts ‎21 x 20 x 14 inches42 poundsRed123 Volts
Champion Inverter GeneratorBest For Quiet Operation3400 watts ‎25.1 x 17.3 x 18.3 inches7 poundsYellow/Black124 Volts
Pulsar G2319N Stylish Inverter GeneratorBest For Design2300 watts ‎19.7 x 11.22 x 17.91 inches47 poundsGray125 Volts
Generac GP3500iO Inverter GeneratorMost Efficient3500 watts ‎19.7 x 16.5 x 16.4 inches3 poundsOrange126 Volts

7 Best Generator For Pop Up Camper Reviews in 2023

Getting the best generator for pop up camper would be a little puzzling, especially when you’re a beginner to this game. Therefore, our experts have come up with some portable camping generators that you can rely on. Let’s see those 7 best generators for campers:

Best Generator For Pop Up Camper

1. Our editor’s Choice: WEN 56380i Inverter Generator

The WEN presents one of the best generator for pop up camper with high performance, quiet noise level, and excellent portability. This camping generator comes with the overall best performance from all the features. Let’s see what features it offer with its conveniences.

WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Power & Performance

First, this WEN inverter generator features a 212cc 4 stroke OHV gasoline engine that produces 3,800 surge and 3,400 running watts. You power up a campsite for up to 8.5 hours runtime with only 2.2 gallons of fuel at ½ load. It supplies clean power(SineWave) that prevents damages to your sensitive devices and appliances.

Output options

Now, you must be thinking about the outlets and outputs. No worries! It features two units of 120-volt three-prong outlets with a 120-volt AC(TT 30R) outlet for RV. Besides that, you’ll also find a 12-volt DC output socket port with a 5-volt USB port.


Safety first! The WEN designed the generator keeping in mind several safety features. There’s a fuel shutoff system that turns off the generator in case of a lower fuel level. This feature also expands the lifetime of the generator using an effective carburetor that uses the remaining fuel.


It offers a lightweight and portable design weighing 99.2 pounds only. Further, you’ll find rolling wheels and a foldable handle that provides easy storage and transportation. Therefore only you can carry or move this machine to anywhere you want.

Parallel Connection Capability

Do you need more wattage output to pop up the camper? Then, WEN has a connection kit named WEN 56421 Parallel Connection Kit to let you link two inverter generators together. In this way, you will get more power and distribute them to power up more appliances.

Electric Start

WEN makes it a breeze to start the generator by incorporating a knob. Just turn the knob to the On position and press the orange ignition switch to start up your generator for powering campers.


It also offers lots of features digital wattage meter that displays power load, frequency,  runtime, and fuel indication. There is an electric start facility beside the recoil start mechanism. This camping generator also produces a minimum noise level within 57 dBA at quarter load.

Technical Details

  • Product dimensions: ‎23.2 x 18 x 20.1 inches
  • Weight of generator:2 pounds
  • Engine type: 4 stroke gasoline engine
  • Fuel tank capacity:2 gallons
  • Wattage output: 3,800 watts surge/ 3,400 running watts
  • Runtime:5 hours at half time
  • Outlets:120V AC(2) ,30 amp RV outlet(1)
  • DC output: 12V DC, USB port (1)
  • Powerful engine delivers 3,800 surge 3,400 running watts
  • SineWave technology provides a pure power supply
  • Multiple outlets and outputs ensure versatility
  • It’s fuel efficient with a 2.2-gallon capacity
  • Auto shut off safety feature for low fuel level
  • Rolling wheels and collapsible handle enhance the portability
  • It only features 2 rolling wheels


If you’re looking for the best generator for pop up camper without compromising any features, benefits, and quality, then get this one. It’s portable, powerful, safe, and offers multiple outlets with low power consumption ability. It’s the best choice for pop up campers.

2. The Most Powerful: BILT HARD Inverter Generator

The BILT HARD presents one of the most powerful camping generators with lots of built-in features and benefits. This inverter generator comes with 4,000-watt power with several safety features for using outdoor and camping purposes. Let’s see the core features it offers.

BILT HARD Quiet Inverter Generator 4000 Watt

Capacity & Outputs

This powerful generator comes with a 212cc and 4-stroke OHV gasoline engine with 4,000 watts of surge power. It provides 3,400 watts of running power with dual 120-volt(2A) and 12-volt(8A) DC outputs. Besides, you’ll find a 12-volt cigar lighter for smoking and two USB ports to recharge smartphones, tablets, etc.


You’ll enjoy an efficient power performance with lower fuel consumption. Its 2.2 gallons of fuel tank provides you 14 hours of uptime at 25% load. Besides, a 30 ampere of ideal RV socket can power up your RV or pop up camper.

Advanced Safety Technology

It also features several safety features, and sinewave is one of them. This camping generator adopts a SineWave inverter technology to power up sensitive electronics like laptops, phones, adapters, etc. Further, its 120 volts rated output voltage ensures a reliable power up to your home outlets.

Noise Level

This BILT HARD generator produces 68 dBA of sound only that’s ideal for outdoor and campsites. It won’t disturb you while supplying continuous power to a variety of electronic appliances. You can continue the conversation just standing 8-10 feet far from this machine.

Electric & Recoil Start

You no longer need to hassle to start & operate this generator. It features two start-up systems- Knob & Recoil. Just move the knob to the start position to turn on the generator. On other hand, the recoil start will help you handle the situation when you fail to start up the generator with the start-up button.

Easy Storage & Portability

The weight of this inverter generator is 104.8 lbs. Of course, it’s not the lightest generator in the market. However, it doesn’t mean you fail to maneuver it from one place to another. The BILT Hard Generator comes with a collapsible handle and 5” wheels. As a result, you can easily carry it wherever you want. Turns out, the collapsible handle makes it a breeze to store the generator in your RVs.

Usability, Portability & Others

Operating this generator is easy. You can start this gas generator with electronic and recoil start options with no hassle. It comes with a portable size(22x18x10 inches), 105lb weight, and rolling wheels. It may take 2 people to lift, sometimes. In addition, you’ll find safety overload protection, auto voltage adjustability, and oil alert status.

Technical Details

  • Product dimensions: ‎22 x 18 x 10 inches
  • Weight of generator: 105 pounds
  • Power source: ‎Gas-powered
  • Fuel tank capacity: 2 gallons
  • power output: ‎4000 watts
  • Rated power output: 3400 watts
  • AC output voltage: 120V
  • DC output: 12V 8A
  • Powerful performance with the 212cc and 4-stroke OHV
  • Provides maximum of 4,000 and 3,400 watts of power
  • A full trank ensures 14 hours(approx.) of runtime at 15% load
  • 30A RV socket to lighten up RV and pop up camper
  • Multiple outputs and USB ports provide maximum support
  • Overload protection for saves sensitive electronics
  • Relatively a bit heavier


The TL-QG-212 BILT HARD inverter generator features a powerful performance with a 4,000 watts, 4-stroke, and 2.2 gallons engine. It also features multiples DC outlets to power up your electronics no matter wherever you’re. It’s also a superb choice for outdoor use.

3. Affordable But Powerful: Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Inverter Generator

Do you want an affordable and yet powerful generator for your outdoor leisure and pop up camping van? Then get this Westinghouse WH2200iXLT inverter generator. It comes with optimal power, low fuel consumption, and a relatively lower noise level. Here are the core features and conveniences you’ll get.

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Power & Outlets

The WH2200iXLT model of Westinghouse provides you a 1,800 watts of running power along with 2,200 peak watts. You can enjoy power facilities at home or recreational activities, especially at the campsite with this much power. Besides, it also features two(2) 5-20R standard 120v with 20A and 12v DC power outlets.

Efficient Performance

This gas-powered generator provides 13 hours of runtime with only 1.3 gallons of a fuel tank. The Westinghouse WH2200iXLT enhances performance using variable engine speeds that allow 30% to 50% of fuel efficiency other than the traditional ones. Thus, it saves you fuel and money.


It comes with a lightweight and compact design. You can easily carry this portable generator with only 46.3 pounds weight and a built-in carrying handle. These make this unit more transportable. On top of that, you can take this little champ in your RV, SUV and pop up with small storage space.

Parallel Connection Capability

Thanks to Westinghouse for making it possible to combine two generators to get more wattage output. Just purchase a Westinghouse Inverter Parallel Cord and link two inverter generators together to gain 3600W rated output to power up camping, house, or your RVs.

Safety, Noise Level, and Others

The Westinghouse adopts a clean energy mechanism with less than 3% THD(Total Harmonic Distortion) that protects your sensitive electronics from damages. This unit produces a low noise level at 52 dBA only. To do that, it uses acoustic enclosures, a cooling fan, and low tone mufflers for reducing noise levels. In addition, it’s effortless to use.

Lifetime Technical Support

Westinghouse has over 1500 service locations. So, you don’t need to hassle to find a technical support center when your Westinghouse generator will not function properly. It means you can repair your generator when it gets damaged and operate it to power up camping or house without buying a new one.

Technical Details

  • Generator dimensions: ‎20.3 x 12.5 x 17.8 inches
  • Generator weight: 43 pounds
  • Power source: ‎Gasoline fuel
  • Fuel tank capacity: 3 gallons
  • runtime: 13 hours
  • output: ‎2,200 surge watts and 1,800 rated watts
  • AC voltage: 120, 20 Apm
  • DC outlet: 12 volts
  • Noise level: 52 dBA
  • Multiple power outlets allow a variety of electronics
  • The variable engine speed ensures fuel efficiency(13 hours at 1.3 gallons)
  • 3% of THD clean power ensure electronics safety
  • Lightweight and compact design enhanced portability
  • Multiples soundproof technology prevent loud noise
  • It doesn’t feature any rolling wheels at the bottom


If you’re planning to get a powerful, lightweight, and efficient camping generator then get this Westinghouse WH2200iXLT model. It’ll power up your RV or pop up camper for a maximum time with great fuel economy. It’s an affordable option for your camping season.

4. Best For Portability: PowerSmart Portable Inverter Generator

Do you want a powerful and yet lightweight generator solution for outdoor adventure and camping? The PowerSmart PS5025 presents the best portable generator for pop up camper with outstanding power and performance. It also offers lots of impressive features and benefits. Let’s see what else it offers?

PowerSmart 200 Watts Portable Inverter Generator

Portable Design

First of all, you can carry this portable generator everywhere with its ultra-lightweight and compact design. Secondly, it only comes with 42.5 pounds and 20.9-inch length, 13.8-inch width, and 19.9-inch height of compact dimension. Thirdly, this unit features a built-in carrying handle that enhances excellent transportability.

Power & Runtime

This PowerSmart generator provides 2,200w peak and 1,900w running power with an 80cc-UHV 4-stroke engine and 1.05 gallons capacity tank. You can enjoy up to 10.5 hours of runtime at quarter load with this much power. It comes in a single-cylinder engine with spark plug gap from 0.024-0.031 inches.

Multiples Power Outlets

The output unit comes with 2x AC outlets, 2x 5v USB-A ports, and 1x DC cart port to provide clean power to the sensitive electronics. On top of that, it provides versatility in charging various devices and appliances like laptops, smartphones, mini coolers, etc.

Quiet Noise Level

It’s super quiet. This mini generator produces a relatively significantly lower sound that is less than 52 dBA, sometimes. You can continue conversation and discussion standing about 20 feet far from it.

Parallel Design

The continuous wattage output of this generator is only 1900W. Though it is sufficient for operating laptops, mini-coolers, drones, and others, it doesn’t deliver enough wattage output to power up home appliances like coffee makers or refrigerators. To solve this issue, PowerSmart allows you to combine two generators. Just get a parallel kit and use it to link two generators to gain 3800W rated power output.

Technical Details

  • Generator measurement: ‎21 x 20 x 14 inches
  • Generator weight: 42 pounds
  • Engine type: ‎OHV 79 cc 5-stroke gasoline fuel
  • Fuel tank capacity:05 gallons
  • runtime: 10.5 hours at 25% of load
  • output: ‎2,200 surge watts and 1,900 rated watts
  • Noise level: 52 dBA (around 23 ft.)
  • AC outlets: 120 volts
  • Lightweight design and compact shape ensure portability
  • 05 gallons of fuel provides up to 10 hours of power supply
  • Clean energy technology prevents damages to sensitive devices
  • Produces a quiet noise level at operation
  • Offers versatile of power outlets to power up different electronics
  • Not CARB compliant


The PowerSmart PS5025 provides superb portability and transportability with low fuel consumption, clean power, and excellent fuel efficiency. The compact shape, ultra-lightweight design, and manageable carrying handle deliver extra convenience at camping and adventures.

5. Best For Quiet Operation: Champion Inverter Generator

The Champion Power Equipment presents one of the best quiet generator for pop up camper, recreational vehicles, and outdoor adventure. It comes with a powerful dual-fuel engine with a minimal noise level at operation. We’ll discuss more its other features too.

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

Lower Noise Level

It’s quiet. This inverter generator is very quiet in operation since it produces 59 dBA of sound only. We think it’s a perfect one for your RV, tailgating, and outdoor adventure as a backup power plan. Besides, it also adopts an acoustic enclosure and low-tune muffler to reduce the noise level. Therefore, the sound is significantly lower if you compare it with its performance.

Power & Capacity

You can operate this power equipment with gasoline or propane featuring 3,400w(surge) and 3,100w(running) power. Plus, it can hold up to 0.6 quarts of engine oil with a low oil shutoff sensor feature. This generator can power up your camping site for around 7.5 hours(gasoline) and 14.5 hours(propane).

Cold Start Technology

Now, you will never struggle to start & operate the generator in the cold weather. This generator uses cold start technology that makes it a breeze to start the generator in cold situations and let you power up your camping or indoor.

Parallel Ready

If you need over 1700W power output, this generator from Champion Generator Equipment allows you to pair two generators. What you need to do is- get a parallel kit and link two generators together using it. In this way, you will get 3400W power output to run almost every camping appliance.

3-year Limited Warranty

Champion Generator offers 3 years of warranty. If any parts of this generator get damaged within this time-frame, you will get free replacement. Therefore, this generator provider delivers lifetime technical support.

Safe Power Outlets

This unit has a less than 3% THD(Total Harmonic Distortion) mechanism that supplies clean power to your sensitive electronics. Thus, it prevents over-voltage and protects your electronics from potential damages. The output panel features a 120v(30Amp) RV, two 120v(20Apm), 12v DC outlets, and a dual USB adapter.


It features a convenient electric start option with a 3-way ignition switch. The quick touch panel allows accessing control in a spot. There’s a lithium battery inside it since this unit supply 12v DC outlets.

Technical Details

  • Generator measurement: ‎25.1 x 17.3 x 18.3 inches
  • Generator weight:7 pounds
  • Watts of power: 3,400w peak and 3,100w running wattage
  • Fuel type: Dual fuel (gas and oil)
  • Engine type: 4-stroke 192cc OHV
  • Fuel Tank:6 Gallon
  • Runtime: Up to 7.5 hours(gas) and 14.5 hours(propane)
  • Sound level: 59 dBA
  • Produces less than 60 dBA at 20 feet distance
  • Multiple power outlets allow a variety of electronics
  • The 1.6 gallons fuel tank provides max. runtime 7.5-14.5 hours
  • Less than 3% THD ensures a clean power supply
  • Overvoltage protection mechanism prevents electrical damages
  • A bit heavier


If you’re looking for a noise-free power solution for your pop-up camper and the recreational vehicle, then get this one. The Champion inverter generator provides you with a tolerable sound level with powerful and efficient performance. It’s an ideal inverter generator for camping activities.

6. Best For Design: Pulsar G2319N Stylish Inverter Generator

The Pulsar presents the G2319N generator that comes in a compact shape and highly stylish design. This generator also offers excellent efficiency, fuel economy, lightweight, and portable design with several built-in features. What else it offers? Let’s have a look at them.

Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator

Stylish & Compact Design

First of all, it comes with a stylish look and compact suitcase design since you can carry it easily everywhere. It seems you’re carrying a briefcase while making a trip or adventure. The weight of this unit is only 47 pounds, so you have nothing to worry about the transportability.

Capacity & Performance

If we talk about the capacity, it runs your electronics for around 4.5 hours on 1.18 gallons of fuel at half load. This Pulsar G2319N power equipment can reach up to 2,300 as peak watt along with the 1,800 running watt. You can power up and run almost any kind of electronic device and appliance.

Safe Outlets

This power machine features two 120v AC, 12v DC-8A outlets, and a 5v DC USB port. It adopts a pure SineWave technology that provides a safe electrical power supply to your sensitive electronic devices. This technology prevents any electronic interference like overvoltage that may harm your precious gadgets.

Technical Details

  • Generator measurement: ‎19.7 x 11.22 x 17.91 inches
  • Generator weight: 47 pounds
  • Tank capacity:18 gallons
  • Wattage: 2,300 peak watts/ 1,800 running watts
  • Engine type: 80cc OHV 4 stroke with single cylinder
  • AC voltage: 120 volts
  • Noise level: 59 dBA
  • Compact suitcase size looks highly stylish
  • Lightweight design makes it more portable
  • The fuel tank provides an incredible fuel economy
  • The watts of power run almost any small-large devices
  • Pure SineWave power mechanism ensures device safety
  • The color was a little dull


If you’re thinking of getting a powerful, portable, and yet stylish power backup solution, go for this one. The Pulsar G2319N model offers all of these features bedsides, great fuel economy, and safety.

7. The Most Efficient:  Generac GP3500iO Inverter Generator

Do you need a highly efficient and powerful generator for pop camper or outdoor usages? The Generac GP3500iO is here to solve your problem. This inverter generator is perfect for a small to large RV, pop-up camper, and tent campground. It also offers diversity in its components and advantages.

Generac GP3500iO Open Frame RV Ready Inverter Generator

Fuel Efficiency & Runtime

The GP3500iO model comes with a 212cc 4-stroke(OHV) gasoline engine with a 2.23 gallons fuel tank. With this much power and fuel, you can enjoy an impressive runtime of around 11 hours(25% load). The auto shut-off feature with a spark arrestor prevents this generator from sparking at low oil.

Power Output

This Generac generator measures a 3,500-watt peak and 3,000 watts of running power with a 120v output. In addition, it comes with parallel kits that allow connecting to another generator to provide an extra power supply. Thus, this machine supplies power to different camping gadgets or working tools for a long time.

Contol Panel & Outlets

It features a convenient and easy control panel, including economy switch, ground location, hour meter, and PowerDial control. There’re three indicators, including low fuel, overload, and Ready To Use signal. This control panel provides five(5) outlets. These include the two regular AC 120V-20A(5-20R), RV AC 120V-30A (TT-30R), and two 5v USB ports to give you maximum convenience.


Apart from other models, this generator is very easy to carry and transport. We also claim that it’s 25% lighter with 74 pounds than the previous ones they offered. It comes with framed built-in carrying handle for extra portability.

Noise Level

It’s 50% quieter than any other 3,500-watt generator with a similar size. The Generac GP3500iO doesn’t announce the official decibel, although. However, to be honest, we found a sound level of less than 50 dBA.

Technical Details

  • Generator Dimensions: ‎19.7 x 16.5 x 16.4 inches
  • Generator weight:3 pounds
  • Wattage: 3,500w (surge) and 3,000w (run)
  • Engine type: 212cc OHV 4-stroke (gasoline)
  • Fuel tank capacity:23 gallons
  • Runtime: 8 hours at 50% and 11 hours at 25% load
  • Outlets: AC outlets(2) and DC outlets(2)
  • Noise level: 40-48 dBA (unofficially)
  • Provides maximum runtime with a powerful engine capacity
  • Circuit breaker technology prevent electrical damages
  • The effective control panel provides multiple outlets
  • Delivers great superb portability with a lightweight design
  • It produces comparatively lower noise
  • It doesn’t feature any electric start option


Who wouldn’t think of a power generator with an outstanding fuel economy, safe power supply, and multiple power outlets? The Generac GP3500iO inverter generator made it possible. It’s an ideal pick you’re planning to have a pop up camping and adventure.

Criteria To Look For When Buying A Generator For Pop Up Camper

Before purchasing a generator, you should consider a few criteria, especially when it’s about pop-up camping. It’s essential to consider these criteria to get a suitable one based on several features and benefits. Let’s see what they are.

Generator For Pop Up Camper


If you’re planning to go far away with your pop-up camper, get a suitable generator that provides maximum runtime and enough power capacity. A generator with a long power-up facility can make your trip and pop up camping more memorable and adventurous.

Power Output

This is another essential confederation. It’s equally important to look for a power output whine buying a generator for your pop up camper. Make sure the selected one is going to cover your needs at the site.  Select one that can handle your electronics without any interference.

Calculate the power you need to for the extract match. We provided a list above(before the review section) consisting of the devices and appliances and their approximate power and watts.

Portability(Weight & Size)

It’s another major criterion to consider before buying a camping generator. A generator with heavyweight may suffer you at the campground. Likewise, it can occupy more space if you don’t consider its size. There should be a carrying handle for extra portability.

Although, most of the camping generator comes in a compact size and lightweight design. We reviewed some of them within 40-105 pounds.

Noise Level

Exessive noise at the campsite can distract your regular activity or may disturb other campers beside you. You must have a quiet generator for camping that produces a minimal noise level. To do that, check the sound level before you make a decision. Stay safe from noise pollution.

Other Features

Some other features could add additional yet vital value to your generator. Try to take one that offers a low fuel consumption facility alongside a low fuel shut off safety feature. If it’s an inverter generator, you must look for power sources. Most of these come with dual fuel(gasoline and engine oil) sources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Still, some questions may arise in your mind as other people ask. We tried to answer those frequently asked questions. Here they’re:

What size generator do I need for a pop up camper with AC?

It actually depends on your pop-up camper size and the amount of comfort you want. Generally, a small size generator like 1500W or 3000W is sufficient to power up a pop-up camer. However, you should consider a 3500W generator if your pop-up camper comes with AC. In short, we recommend taking a 900 to 3,500 surge watts generator when camping with your pop up vehicle. Alternatively, 280 to 1,650 running watts to run an AC continuously.

How long will a generator power a camper?

On average, a camping generator can run a pop up vehicle for 8 to 20 hours. The runtime mostly depends on the model and power. However, you can extend the generator runtime by linking two generators together. Just buy a parallel kit and combine two generators to get more power outputs. And more wattage outputs mean more runtime.

Is it OK to run a camping generator all night?

Yes. You can run a camping generator all night to power up different appliances and electronics without any issues. However, we recommend you to take some precautions before running a camping generator overnight. Firstly, locate the exhaust of the generator and make sure it doesn’t emit any fumes into your camping. You can add an extension exhaust to expel all the fumes out of your camping. Also, don’t forget to check out the rules and regulations where you place the camp to ensure whether it’s allowable to run a generator overnight or not.

Is it OK to run a generator without load?

A generator must have some specific load before you operate it properly. It could lead to different problems or severe damages if you want to run a generator without any load.

Why does my generator dies under load?

If your generator dies under load, then it would be the problem of the carburetor clog. Your carburetor is clogged during the passageways that block the gas going into the engine. There are some other causes, including air filters and fuel clogs.

Final Words

So that’s all about for the best generator for pop-up camper to experience memorable and enjoyable tips, camping or adventure. Although, you already know many things about the features and conveniences of pop-up camper generators. If you’re still confused or heritage to pick one? Our editor suggests you go for the WEN 56380i Inverter Generator.

This WEN generator comes with the overall best features than other products we reviewed in this article. It offers excellent performance, multiple power outlets, minimal fuel efficiency, outstanding portability, and several safety features. We think this is the best generator for pop-up camper from our product list.

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