Best Inverter Generator For Home Backup

Power outages are quite common in bad weather events. Sadly, no one knows when a blackout may occur and when the power will be restored.

So, to run all the necessary home appliances during a blackout, you’ll need an alternative power source. In this case, the best inverter generator for the home backup will come in handy.

An inverter generator will keep things ticking no matter what causes the inconvenience. They are portable and provide a reliable and stable power supply. You can also use the generator to power the decorations for an outdoor party. For this reason, homeowners prefer inverter generators over conventional generators.

However, it isn’t easy to know where to start with several models and designs to buy from. Carefully read the info on the best 10 options currently available on the market. I’ve also added a buying guide and a few related FAQs for your added benefit.

Can An Inverter Generator Power A House?

Whether an inverter generator can power a house or not depends on the KW of the generator and the electric load of your house. It is recommendable that the power rating of a generator should be twice the KW your home requires to power.

For example, if the total running watts of your home is 2500 watts, you need to get a 5000W inverter generator. It will deliver stable electric power to power your house by protecting the generator from transient surges. We recommend you hire a certified electrician to leave the work of connecting generators.

In short, an inverter generator can power a house. Just make sure you get a generator that produces double KW than it requires to power your house.

Why Do You Need an Inverter Generator for Home Backup?

Inverter generators are often a good choice for situations where power outage is common. Also, quiet operation and portability are also a plus. Other advantages of having an inverter generator includes:

Why Do You Need an Inverter Generator for Home Backup

  • Offer Backup Power: Whether it is for enduring difficult blackouts, camping, or construction sites, an inverter generator would be the best option. They offer clean backup power for your home appliances.
  • Consistent and Reliable Energy: Different sensitive electronic items such as computers, refrigerators, AC, TV, etc., require consistent energy to run. Any disruption to the power supply will have a direct impact on the performance of these appliances. Inverter generators are well-known for their clean, reliable, and consistent energy. They allow your home appliances to perform at their best level.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Inverter generators are lightweight, allowing you to carry them wherever you go. Effortlessly install an inverter generator in your garden when you need a light source at your night party. Generally, the average weight of a standard inverter generator is 35 – 55 lbs., while the weight of a conventional generator is 3X – 5X times more.
  • Creates Low Noise: Noisy devices are always frustrating and annoying. They can ruin your sound sleep as well. Inverter generators for home use are extremely quiet. Even your neighbor will not complain about the noisy operation. And you will have a sound sleep too.

How Big Of An Inverter Generator Do You Need For Home Backup?

A portable inverter generator will surely meet your home power requirements. A homeowner must choose the right size according to the home’s usability.

How Big Of An Inverter Generator Do You Need For Home Backup

Here is a guideline to help you find an ideal inverter generator size for your home.

Prepare a List of Home Appliances

Make a list of all electronics that require power in a power outage. This is a must when buying an inverter generator for home backup. This list will help you determine the size of the generator needed to accommodate all the appliances.

Represent Power Information in Watts

The power information of the machine represented in HP, amps, and kilowatts need to be converted to watts. You can follow this link to do it more conveniently.

After that, sum up the calculation to find out the required power you’ll need. Then you can use the information to find a suitable inverter generator specific for your house.

Determine the Total Working Hours of Your Home Appliances

When determining the total working hours of an appliance, consider taking a rough estimate and maintaining a log. Count how many hours a machine is running for a day. For example, the total time in the refrigerator is divided by 3 to estimate how many hours a fridge can operate at maximum wattage.

Similarly, logging includes recording the time of household appliances such as television, computer, microwaves, etc.

Calculate the Total Power Consumption

Pay attention to the initial and running watts to calculate the power consumption of each machine. The required energy to start an appliance is known as the starting watts. Remember, devices that run with motors require more power to start.

Calculating the initial watts is crucial. Your home appliance may damage if the produced power by the generator is less than the required power of the devices.

While running, the watt is the required energy of a device to run after startup. Let’s say an AC of 10,000 BTU requires 2,200 initial watts for the first few seconds. Then, the power demand decreases. After the energy decline, the AC requires 1,600 running watts to run efficiently.

If your selected generator model comes with 2,200 starting watts and 1,800 running watts, the unit can efficiently handle an AC of 10,000 BTU. A generator with less than this starting and running watt will not provide the required energy to your AC.

Choose A Slightly Bigger Size Than The Requirement

Buying a bigger size generator than the requirement is always advisable. This way, you will get extra wattage for running home devices efficiently. You will get the below benefits if you do so.

  • Prevents sudden power shut off due to overload
  • Expands the lifespan of home appliances
  • Reduces noise production

Identify the Total Daily Used Wattage

You can calculate the daily consumption by multiplying the wattage by the number of hours made by the machine per day. Next, to get the total energy in watts, multiply by 1,000.

Here is an estimated calculation of some equipment’s daily wattages.

Appliance Required Running Wattage Required Starting Wattage
2 Fixtures of Light 150 W 150 W
Television 0 W 600 W
Refrigerator/Freeze 1000 W 2400 W
Window A/C 1400 W 2000 W
Tablet & Phone Charging 50 W 50 W
Total Wattage/day 2600 W 5200 W
Total Running Watts 2600 W
Highest Starting Watts 2400 W
Required Generator Size (+) 5000 W

The above calculation indicates that if homeowners are required to run the mentioned home appliances, they need to buy an inverter generator for a home backup of 5000 W.

Comparison Chart:

We compared our selected inverter generators model in the below chart. Carefully read the chart to find the suitable one.

Inverter Generator For Home BackupIt's Best ForWattageDimensionWeightVoltage
BILT HARD Quiet Inverter Generator 4000 WattBest Overall4000 Watts23.22”X19.68”X18.11”‎104.8 pounds120 Volts
PowerSmart Generator 4400W Open Frame Inverter GeneratorBest for Safe Energy4400 Watts20.9”X13.8”X19.3”72 lbs.120 Volts
Generac GP3500iO Open Frame RV Ready Inverter GeneratorBest Lightweight Inverter Generator3500 watts19.7”X16.5”X16.4”74.3 lbs.120 Volts
Westinghouse iGen4500 Portable Inverter GeneratorBest for Fuel- efficiency4500 Watts24.5”X17.5”20”104.7 lbs.120 Volts
Champion Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter GeneratorBest Dual-fuel Inverter Generator3400 Watts25.1”X17.3”X18.3”95.7 lbs.120 Volts
Briggs & Stratton 30795 Inverter GeneratorBest for Electric-start4500 Watts24.5”X17.6”X20.3”114.8 pounds120 Volts
WEN 56380i Super Quiet Portable Inverter GeneratorBest for Portability3800 Watts23.2”X18”X20.1”99.2 lbs.120 Volts
Honda 662220 EU2200i Portable Inverter GeneratorBest User-friendly2200 Watts16”X20”X11”46.5 lbs.120 Volts
Pulsar Products G450RN Portable generatorBest Versatile4500 watts27.5”X21”X23.5”108 lbs.120 Volts
A-iPower SUA2000iV Inverter Generator for Home BackupBest Quietest2000 Watts22”X13”X20”50 lbs.120 Volts

10 Best Inverter Generator For Home Backup Reviews

Reliable, clean, and safe performance is essential from an inverter generator. After extensive research, our review team picked the best inverter generators for home backup to ensure value for money.

Best Inverter Generator For Home Backup

1. Best Overall: BILT HARD Quiet Inverter Generator 4000 Watt

This extremely quiet BILT HARD Inverter Generator gives you the necessary power during an emergency power backup in blackouts. It is powerful enough to support a wide range of home appliances, RVs, etc. The unit provides consistent energy, making it safe for sensitive electronics.

 BILT HARD Quiet Inverter Generator 4000 Watt

Inverter Technology:

With inverter technology, BILT HARD wins the heart of many homeowners. It produces sine waves, resulting in fewer fuel emissions and reliable power than conventional generators. Also, it adjusts the engine’s speed to only what is required by the load. Moreover, the rated output voltage is 120 V, ensuring reliable home backup power.

4000W Power Output

The max starting power output of this inverter generator is 4000W and the continuous power output is 3400W. You can consider it as a power house and it generates sufficient power to operate almost every appliance in your house. For example, you can power up appliances like the fridge, refrigerator, AC, coffee maker machine, and whatnot. In short, it’s the best inverter generator for home backup you can rely on during power outages.

Electric and Recoil Start:

An electric and recoil start is a significant feature of this inverter generator. The electric start option makes it highly convenient, allowing you to turn the device on at the press of a button. On the other hand, a recoil start lets you start without plugging the machine into anything.

Having both options benefits you if you are suffering from a shoulder injury. You can always electric start until your body is ok. Recoil start deals with situations efficiently when the unit fails to start during an emergency.

Exceptionally Efficient:

This efficiently designed inverter generator gives you more power with low fuel consumption. The fuel tank is pretty large, 2.2 gallons, offering you a runtime of 14 hours at 25% load. For this reason, it has become suitable for powering household equipment, RVs on the camping site, and many more.

Junction Box:

You will never feel unsafe with this inverter generator of its junction box feature. It delivers the required amount of protection, preventing fires and maintaining solid, reliable connections that stay tight over many years.

5” Rubber Wheel:

The lightweight design and built-in 5” rubberized casters make it highly portable. You can also collapse the handle whenever required, allowing easy storage and transportation. It is smartly designed to carry different places effortlessly. This way, the unit can power various electronics when you are camping.

Super Quiet:

One of the impressive features of this generator is it generates only 68 dB of sound when operating. So, you will not be disturbed when resting or entertaining. Moreover, the sound level will not affect your neighbors.

RV Outlet:

The generator comes with a straightforwardly accessible 30 A RV outlet, making it the best choice for travel trailers.

Technical Details

  • Wattage: 4000 Watts
  • Dimension: 23.22” x 19.68” x 18.11”
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Engine type: 4 stroke
  • Total Power Outlet: 2
  • Engine Displacement: 212 Cubic Centimeters
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.2 gallons
  • THD at Full Load: ≤3%
  • Auto voltage adjuster
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Oil alert system
  • EPA III and CARB compliant
  • Easy to read fuel gauge
  • The setup instructions are a bit cryptic

Why Should You Buy It?

Undoubtedly, this is the best home backup inverter generator. Homeowners like it for its outstanding performance and impressive quality construction. No other generators will deliver the same performance at this price range. It is lightweight, powerful, and super quiet.

2. Best for Safe Energy: PowerSmart Generator 4400W Open Frame Inverter Generator

Don’t look further when your requirement is clean energy for your home outlets. Buy the PowerSmart PS5040A Inverter Generator, renowned for producing reliable and safe power. The starting watts is 4400 and running watts 3500, providing the needed energy to sensitive electronic items like tablets, phones, computers, television, etc.

PowerSmart 4400W Open Frame Inverter Generator

Advanced Design:

Thoughtful and advanced design is the most impressive feature of this unit. It consists of a 2.54 gallons fuel tank to provide 22 hours of continuous power back up at 50% load. The fuel tank is made of steel, ensuring safety, protection, and durability.

Characteristically, steel is a non-porous material that doesn’t absorb fuel or chemicals. This constant portable inverter generator meets all your requirements in anyways. Additionally, it has rubberized feet, absorbing shock and preventing floor damage when you move it.

4500W of Peak Power Output

Your home will no longer remain in complete darkness due to natural calamities like hurricanes if you have this inverter generator. The generator offers 4500W of surge output and 3500W of continuous power output. So, you can power up any appliances like refrigerator, AC, fan, coffee maker, or blender with this inverter. On quarter-load, you can use it as a home backup power for 22 hours.

4-Stroke Engine:

This unit’s balance of power, efficiency, and reliability is impressive due to the 4-stroke engine. You will never experience unburned fuel emissions because a 4-stroke engine separates every event mechanically. More importantly, it effectively separates oil from fuel, minimizing the emission of Carbon Monoxide. Thus, it keeps the environment free from pollution.

Parallel Operation System:

The parallel operation system will come in handy if you need to increase total power output. It allows you to attach two 2800-watt or higher inverter generators without trouble. When you don’t require the additional wattage anymore, drop the connection. Besides, load distribution is done automatically on a priority basis which is one of the biggest benefits of this generator.

Forced Air-cooling System:

It is equipped with forced air-cooling technology similar to all other standard home inverter generators. This system performs such as a central air conditioner. The generator’s engine uses fans to force air, lowering the unit’s temperature.

Quiet Technology:

Quiet operation is one of the major benefits of inverter generators, and this unit is also no exception. It is compactly designed and has a smaller and more powerful engine which keeps the noise level low. This portable unit’s noise rating is 68 dB at 23 feet.

Outdoor and Home Power Backup:

Powerstart Generator is always ready to give clean energy, whether you need a power source for your night parties or other outdoor activities. The model weighs only 70.8 lbs., allowing you to move anywhere without hassle.

Technical Details

  • Wattage: 4400 Watts
  • Dimension: 20.9” x 13.8” x 19.3”
  • Weight: 72 lbs.
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Engine Type: 4 stroke
  • Engine Displacement: 224 Cubic Centimeters
  • Runtime: 16 hours
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.54 gallons
  • Small and compact
  • Multi-function display
  • Energy-saving switch
  • Load indicator
  • Fuel-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Robust construction makes it a little bit heavy than its rivals

Why Should You Buy It?

Overall, this is heavy-duty in a good way. Its design is outstanding. With two handles, carrying and moving around is effortless. Each component is high-quality, and the service is incredible too. The parallel mechanism is the unique feature that makes it distinctive from other generators. During the tropical storm season, this model will be beneficial for sure.

3. Best Lightweight Inverter Generator: Generac GP3500iO Open Frame RV Ready Inverter Generator

Generac GP3500iO Inverter Generator is the best portable inverter generator for home backup. The weight of this inverter generator is 74.30 lbs, which is 25% lighter than other generators in the market. In return, it reduces fatigue while improving portability. Below, we break down every breathtaking feature this lightweight generator delivers.

Generac GP3500iO Open Frame RV Ready Inverter Generator

True Power Technology:

One of the great features of this model is the true power technology that offers stable power with minimal harmonic distortion level. What’s more impressive is that its Total Harmonic Distortion rating is less than 3%, permitting you to power your sensitive electronic items without worrying.

Powerful Engine:

It is a gas-powered open frame inverter generator, incredibly suitable for powering your home appliances. Also, it is usable in construction sites, offices, or recreational vehicles. In fact, the provided power is more than enough for all purposes. You can use it for table saws and BBQ grills. The PowerRush technology enables it to do more with less consumption of power.

Consistent Performance:

In terms of providing consistent performance, this is a CHAMPION! With 212 ccs Generac OHV 4 stroke gasoline engine, its output is 120V. More importantly, it consistently provides 3500 peak watts and 3000 running watts.

Additionally, the generator’s parallel technology lets you set up another second unit easily if you need extra power. Furthermore, you will get consistent 11 hours of run time at 25% load with a full tank. This means you can power up your home outlets for long hours during a blackout.

Quiet Workplace:

Powerful generators create more noise – this is a general conception. Even being a powerful unit, you will love to know that this model makes 40% less sound than other generators. Due to its quiet operation, you can install it in your yard at a party. More importantly, its sound level will not overwhelm your guests.

Easy Portability:

The sleek and lightweight design makes this model super portable. Its measurement is 19.7” x 16.5” x 16.4”, allowing you to install it in a compact space. Raising the generator above the ground is simple with its one-frame design. Its sturdy construction lets it perform comparatively well in rough environments. The frame is smartly designed, permitting you to grab it easily. Also, the whole system weighs only 74.3 lbs., enabling you to transport it anywhere you want.

Economic Switch:

You will also find an economical switch in this generator that saves fuel and increases the engine’s lifespan. At the same time, it helps reduce the noise level. Moreover, engine speed gets adjusted to match the requirement of the applied load.

Technical Details

  • Wattage: 3500 watts
  • Dimension: 19.7” x 16.5” x 16.4”
  • Weight: 74.3 lbs.
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Fuel-tank Capacity: 2.37 gallons
  • Engine type: 4-stroke OHV Engine
  • Runtime: 11 hours @ 25% load
  • Overload protection
  • Automatic low oil shutdown
  • Easy-to-use power dial
  • CARB compliant generator
  • Open-frame design, compact and lightweight
  • Unavailability of transportation wheels

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a compact package, this generator would be the best option. It consists of a powerful 212 cc engine in various outlets. Plus, you’ll have a maneuverable design, making it eligible for multipurpose use. The performance is way better than other 2500 – 3000 inverter generators.

4. Best for Fuel-efficiency: Westinghouse iGen4500 Portable Inverter Generator

Do you live in an area where weather events happen frequently and extended hour power outages are occurring consequently? Frequent blackouts can ruin the food items in your refrigerator. Also, it hampers daily work.

In order to give you a worry-free life during a power outage, the Westinghouse iGen4500 offers the best performance. It is powerful enough with 3700 rated watts and 4500 peak watts @ less than 3% THD, giving you peace of mind in blackouts.

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Higher Fuel Efficiency:

Compared to traditional generators, inverter generators are more efficient. Also, they are easy to use. This 4500 watts model is RV-ready with an integrated TT-30R outlet. You will get 30 Amp, letting you use it for home and recreational use. A Low THD rating also ensures that you can use it for sensitive devices without hesitation. This generator also produces clean and stable power for your televisions, smartphones, laptops, computer, ovens, etc.

Significant Run Time:

Every homeowner looks for a generator capable of delivering long hours of service. The good news is that; you will get 18 hours of break-free service at ¼ load from this generator. Whenever there is a power outage, this generator will give you worry-free life by taking responsibility for providing power to your home appliances. Its impressive run time is the best inverter generator for home backup power.

Designed for Portability:

Wherever you require power backup, this unit is ready to give you the energy necessary. It comes with a compact body and durable integrated wheels. Moreover, it consists of a high-end suitcase telescoping handle that can easily be expanded to lower or higher according to your requirement.

With the expanded telescoping handle, it looks like a suitcase so that you can move it easily.

LED Data Center:

An auto-rotating digital display is another outstanding feature that impresses most. You will get updated real-time information through this display to let you maintain your household equipment proactively. The display will give you information on power output, fuel level, power output, voltage output, remaining run time, and lifetime hours.

Excellent Safety Features:

This generator is equipped with all the safety features necessary to give you safe performance. Reset-breaker, main breaker, and oil-level indicator combine and promise to give your secure service.

Generally, inverter generators emit Carbon Monoxide when operating. The great thing is that you will never experience Carbon Monoxide emission from this generator because of its 4-stroke engine.

Parallel Capable:

Need more power? Simply parallel this unit with another Westinghouse Inverter Generator and increase the power to roughly double.

Technical Details

  • Wattage: 4500 Watts
  • Dimensions: 24.5” x 17.5” x 20”
  • Weight: 104.7 lbs.
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Total power Outlets: 5
  • Runtime: 18 hours
  • Tank Volume: 3.4 Gallons
  • Electric and remote starting mode
  • Fuel-efficiency technology
  • Pure sine wave
  • Low oil, overload, and output ready indicator lights
  • Low noise output: 52 dB
  • Startup issues occurred by the automatic choke

Why Should You Buy It?

Both professionals and homeowners prefer using this generator for its versatility. It is loaded with multiple safety features, making it the best option for emergency power and recreational use. Never flat tires permit you to carry this unit into tough trails without problem. It is also a user-friendly model, available with a remote and electric start.

5. Best Dual-fuel Inverter Generator: Champion Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

Champion Dual Fuel RV Ready Inverter Generator is the best dual fuel inverter generator for home backup. It can run on both gasoline and propane. Gasoline assists it to run 7.5 hours. At the same time, propane lets the generator run 14.5 hours. Moreover, the model features 3400 starting watts and 3100 running watts. Furthermore, a 192cc, 4-stroke engine powers this machine. The unit has a fuel tank of 1.6 gallons.

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

Cold Start Technology:

A generator may take time to start in winter. A quick start in the cold environment is ensured with cold start technology. So, if you live in cold weather, this would be your ideal solution.

Dual Fuel Mechanism:

This dual fuel inverter generator will provide you with the necessary power anytime, no matter how bad the weather condition is. Gasoline supply can be disrupted due to natural calamities like hurricanes or earthquakes. Depending on a single type of fuel means, you are limiting yourself to a single option.

Since this generator runs with propane and gasoline, you can choose another one to run the device if one source is unavailable. More importantly, the dual-fuel mechanism reduces the cost of storing and managing large quantities of diesel fuel.

Electric-start with 3-position Ignition Switch:

The Champion RV-ready generator doesn’t require much power to start with the electric start feature. So, you will not face trouble starting the unit. During a sudden power outage, it starts quickly. It can save your day in different cases.

Ultra Quiet Performance:

Usually, inverter generators produce quiet performance, which is no different. It generates as much as required power at a given time. As a result, it doesn’t require running as hard and produces less noise.

This unit will be an ideal choice if you’ve got annoying nosey neighbors nearby. It works at 59 dB from 23 ft. You can continue the usual conversation with your family and friends when the device is working.

Clean Electricity:

Sensitive devices such as tablets, laptops, LED TVs, etc., can show poor performance if the provided electricity is unclear. Confidently power up your sensitive devices with this inverter. It produces clean electricity, greater than a 3% THD rating. This allows the inverter to supply sine waves, improving equipment performance and efficiency.

Easy to Use:

Operating the device is exceptionally effortless. Everything is well-defined in the control panel. Fuel selector, choke, ignition switch, battery switch, economy mode, circuit breaker, etc., everything is mentioned clearly for easy access.

Technical Details

  • Wattage: 3400 Watts
  • Dimension: 25.1” x 17.3” x 18.3”
  • Weight: 95.7 lbs.
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Fuel Type: Dual Fuel
  • Low oil shut-off sensor
  • Convenient electric start
  • Economy mode
  • Never flat-tires and built-in handle
  • EPA certified and CARB compliant generator
  • The battery must be kept charged if you use gasoline

Why Should You Buy It?

You will rarely find a dual fuel inverter at this affordable price range. Dual fuel and cold start technology will benefit you when the weather is severe. The overall design of this Champion inverter generator is so compact and has never-flat tires and a convenient handle that you can carry it in any part of your home, camping, night parties, etc.

6. Best for Electric-start: Briggs & Stratton 30795 Inverter Generator

Home and RV owners have specific requirements for an inverter generator. Clean electricity for sensitive devices, quiet running, safety features, easy transportability, etc., are a few of them. The Briggs and Stratton 30795 Inverter Generator matches the requirement of RV and homeowners. This generator is efficient in providing HD power under high loads.

Briggs & Stratton 30795 P4500 PowerSmart Series

Push-Button Electric Start:

The usability of this unit is so simple with the help of a push-button and automatic choke. An automated choke system is employed in this device to start the generator in cold weather. This auto-choke system enriches the fuel-air mixture depending on predefined operating conditions.

The automatic choke will constantly be adjusting itself to the surrounding temp. So, during a blackout, your home appliances will get immediate power backup regardless of the weather.

Fuel Economy:

No other generators can beat it when it comes to fuel economy. The inverter contains a 3.5 gallons gasoline tank, providing enough fuel to run for 16 hours at ¼ load. It means if you run this generator at ½ load, you will get support for a whole day or night, and refueling is unnecessary.

So, this unit will let you enjoy a break-free day or night parties. More importantly, you can run various home appliances like laptops, TVs, tablets, BBQ, Oven, etc., with clean electricity.

Lightweight Construction:

With a massive amount of power, the best thing that we like most about this generator is it doesn’t compromise on the lightweight feature. Without gasoline in the tank, it weighs 115 lbs. Learning about its weight, don’t get overwhelmed.

For convenient transportability, the unit comes with 2 casters and a handle. These two features will help you carry it to your job site or other places in your home.

Sound Insulated Enclosure and Quiet Power Technology:

The more powerful the generator is, the more sound it’ll make. This conception is wrong with this inverter generator. While operating, it creates 58 dB sound, which is less than its competitors. Its low dB is ideal for camping sites, RV trips, outdoor parties, or other areas where you don’t want to get disturbed by generator sound.

CO Guard:

When carbon monoxide reaches its harmful level, the generator detects it efficiently, taking assistance from its built-in CO monitoring system. It shuts the generator down automatically if the CO levels are high.

Technical Details

  • Wattage: 4500 Watts
  • Dimensions: 24.5” x 17.6” x 20.3”
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Engine Type: 4 Stroke
  • Engine Displacement: 224 Cubic Centimeters
  • Tank Volume: 3.5 gallons
  • Run Time: 16 hours at ¼ Load
  • RV ready with 30A outlet
  • 60% quieter than other generators
  • A protective shell protects internal components
  • Multi-functional display panel
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Wheel size is small

Why Should You Buy It?

This generator would be ideal for several home activities during a power outage. It is promised to give your reliable service for at least 16 hours at 25% load with different valuable features. Its fuel efficiency is better than other units, and it doesn’t take much time to start and deliver clean electricity to your home outlets.

7. Best for Portablity: WEN 56380i Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Not all generators provide clean and smooth power. The WEN 56820i Portable Inverter Generator is well-known for providing reliable energy. So, the fluctuation of power outages will not be there, and you can power up your sensitive home equipment. It handles even the most sensitive outlets efficiently with less than 1.2% of harmonic distortion from a true sine wave.

WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

High Rated Power Output:

Starting and running wattages of WEN 56380i are 3800 and 3400 watts, respectively. With this power output, you will never face trouble running your refrigerator, freezer, TVs, washing machine, sump pumps, etc. If you want to run the individual home appliance, simply attach them directly to the generator.

Parallel Ready Capability:

Is your requirement of power higher than the rated output of this model? Don’t worry; it comes with parallel ready capability, allowing you to connect a similar model to it. You will get double power effectively. This feature offers you the flexibility to increase or decrease your power output to meet your requirements. Simultaneously, it saves fuel consumption when you require less power.

4-Stroke OHV Engine:

The 4-stroke OHV engine is efficient enough to reduce CO emissions. It runs on gasoline, and at 50% load, its consumption is 0.26 gallons/hour. So, the device offers 8.5 hours of non-stop power backup. This run time is decent enough to run your essential home outlets in day or night power failure. You will love to know that, with a full tank, you will receive a full day of energy to run your personal computer.

Ergonomics and Portability:

Portability gets the top priority when this generator is designed in mind. For this, it features never-flat tires and a collapsible handle. It is convenient to transport and store with 99.2 lbs. weight and compact design.

Electric Start Push Button and Pull-start Mechanism:

You will not have a hard time starting the machine. Its electric start mechanism lets you turn the machine on with a simple button push. Also, the recoil pull-start system helps you run the device when the battery level is low.

Easy to Operate Digital Meter:

A digital meter makes the operating process straightforward. You will learn the voltage, frequency, runtime, fuel level, and load level at a glance.

Moreover, the control panel has an indicator light, alerting you when engine oil becomes low. Furthermore, it comes with an eco-mode feature to adjust the engine throttle according to the load, enhancing the engine’s longevity.

Safety Features:

Safe operation is confirmed with this generator. It is built with multiple features, including a low oil-level shutdown grounding nut. If the engine oil level reduces from its required level, the low oil-level shutdown feature gets activated. Thus, the engine turns off to save the crankshaft. Besides, the grounding nut protects you from unwanted electric shock. Make sure to ground the device before using it to protect your outlets.

Technical Details

  • Wattage: 3800 Watts
  • Dimension: 23.2” x 18” x 20.1”
  • Weight: 99.2 lbs.
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Engine Type: 4 Stroke
  • Engine Displacement: 212 Cubic Centimeters
  • Tank Capacity: 2.2 Gallons
  • Minimal harmonic distortion
  • Portable design
  • Limited maintenance
  • Super quiet
  • RV-ready
  • Oil consumption is excessive

Why Should You Buy It?

Undoubtedly, the WEN 56380i is a beast! It is robust, powerful, rugged, and features everything you need to power your home essentials. Moreover, carrying is much more effortless with the casters and handle. So, you can access this reliable source of electricity anytime and anywhere, even for a pop-up camper.

8. Best User-friendly: Honda 662220 EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator

Honda 662220 EU2200i Inverter Generator is the best honda inverter generator for home backup. We can describe this generator by only 2 words: convenience and quality. The level of quality of this generator is unmatchable. It is smartly engineered to run smoother, quicker, and easier. Fuel-efficient, lightweight, low noise, reliable electricity, etc., are other features to give worry-free power backup.

Honda 662220 EU2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Stable Electricity:

The inverter system of this generator uses a clean and stable electrical current. Its stable sine wave signal ensures that the most sensitive outlets will be protected from damage after you couple them with this generator.

User-friendly Control Panel:

Generally, control panels of inverter generators are available by the side. Unlike other units, you will find the control panel at the end. This way, the generator can easily be accessed without any harm.

Safe to Use:

Working with this device is incredibly safe. Built-in LED lighting informs you about output, overload, and oil levels. So, the LED light alerts you for prompt action whenever there is a problem. This way, minimizing problems becomes manageable. Additionally, it includes a circuit breaker that guarantees that power does not surpass the set wattage provided for in the device’s manual.

Eco-throttle System:

One of the worth-mentioning features of this device is the eco-throttle system. Depending on the load, the generator runs for 4 – 9.5 hours with a single tank. You can also install an auxiliary tank for overnight power.

Increased Ventilation:

Long hours of break-free running can increase the heat level of the device. As a result, the durability and longevity of the unit will be questioned. Keeping this point in mind, HONDA EU2200i is available with a ventilation feature. Adequate air passes through the generator to keep it cool when it is operational for long hours.

Effortless Oil Changing:

Changing the oil can be frustrating sometimes because of the created mess. But the oil changing process will be mess-free, easy, and quick when you have this generator in your home. An oil drain gutter and a large spout help the user change the oil effortlessly. Thus, oil changes become easier and cleaner.

Technical Details

  • Wattage: 2200 Watts
  • Dimensions: 16” x 20” x 11”
  • Weight: 46.5 lbs.
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Engine Displacement: 121 Cubic Centimeters
  • Tank Volume: 0.95 Gallons
  • Fuel shut off valve
  • User-friendly design
  • Portable model
  • Delivers stable and clean power
  • Incorporated color-coded startup points
  • Unavailability of fuel cut-off switch

Why Should You Buy It?

Overall, the Honda EU2200i is a durable, super quiet, and fuel-efficient inverter generator. With clean power output capabilities, it is hard to beat. Homeowners love it for its low fuel consumption and high power characteristics. You will be saving a massive amount of gas bills due to its industrial quality design and function.

9. Best Versatile: Pulsar Products G450RN Portable generator

Are you looking for a rugged and versatile alternative power source for your home? The Pulsar G450RN Portable Generator has 4500 peak watts and 3700 running watts, providing 12 hours of break-free performance on 3.2 gallons of fuel. It is both a powerful and practical choice for multiple outdoor activities.

Pulsar Products G450RN

Convenient Wireless Remote Start:

A wireless starter is a convenient feature of many updated inverter generators. It conveniently eliminates the need to be present to start the unit at the location. This functionality is especially beneficial at night, early in the morning, or during severe weather conditions. The wireless remote start option will provide a reliable, convenient form of starting and stopping your generator.

Compact Design:

One advantage of this generator is its compact design with a 27.5” x 21” x 23.5” measurement. That is why you can install it in any tight space without hassle. Moreover, storing it will never be troublesome.

Extended Period Operation:

You will get 15 hours of service at half load from this generator. Surprisingly, this long service hour @ 50% load is unavailable with other generators. Thus, if the blackout happens for a whole day, your essential home outlets will get the necessary power to make your life hassle-free.

Quiet Performance:

There are mainly three prime benefits provided by this quiet inverter generator: high efficiency, fuel consumption, and silence. This generator offers efficient performance under any weather conditions with its impact-resistant frame for a plethora of home outlets.

The generated sound level is only 63 dB, so you will not face trouble making a conversation from 10 ft. away.

Easy Handling:

The convenient carrying handle and never-flat casters allow you to carry it easily. It doesn’t matter whether you win a tailgating party or RV trip; this model is always ready to offer your power backup. This unit is well-constructed, really effortless to work on, and enjoyable on the ears.

Technical Details

  • Wattage: 4500 watts
  • Dimensions: 27.5” x 21”x 23.5”
  • Weight: 108 lbs.
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Total Power Outlets: 2
  • Runtime: 12 hours
  • Tank Volume: 3.2 Gallons
  • Parallel ready
  • Electric push start and remote start
  • Economical and reliable
  • Integrated USB outlets with parallel socket
  • Quiet inverter technology
  • The biggest hassle is changing the oil

Why Should You Buy It?

This lightweight and portable generator generates 4500 peak and 3700 running watts. So you are allowed to run your home essentials with peace of mind. The clean and stable electricity ensures damage-free efficient performance of your appliances. More importantly, this generator improves home appliances’ lifespan by providing reliable service.

10. Best Quietest: A-iPower SUA2000iV Inverter Generator for Home Backup

The performance of the A-iPower SUA2000iV is similar to other standard generators. It has molded plastic cover for durability and a sound-insulated feature for low sound levels. Amazingly, this generator comes in an affordable price range. Its lightweight construction makes it perfect for tailgating, travel, camping, home use, etc.

A-iPower SUA2000iV 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Clean and Safe Power:

If your priority is clean and safe power, this generator would be your best choice. It allows you to enjoy different outdoor events by supplying 2,000 watts of starting power and 1,600 watts of running power. Moreover, the device features inverter technology, helping your sensitive appliances to efficient service. Furthermore, its engine speed varies based on the electrical requirement. This is especially beneficial for noise reduction.

Quiet and Satisfying Performance:

This generator will surely satisfy you when the discussion comes about quiet performance. It creates only 58 dB and 68 dB of sound at only 50% and 75% load. This feature makes the generator perfect for camping, night parties, and other outdoor activities. Also, the low idle mode minimizes the noise level by adjusting the engine speed to the optimum level.

Incredibly Lightweight:

The weight of this generator will surprise you. It weighs only 50 lbs., the lightest generator available on the market. You will barely find an inverter generator at this weight. Along with this lightweight feature, portability is also high. It comes with a convenient handle, enabling you to carry it in a single hand.

Standard 5V USB Outlet:

This inverter generator is a handy machine with a standard 5V USB outlet. With the help of this feature, you can charge your devices regardless of your location. Get sufficient power backup in your electronics items, including phones, tablets, televisions, and laptops.

Easy Starting Procedure:

The front panel contains a dial that lets you turn the machine on and off. Further turning, it will engage the choke. A single pull is enough to start the machine. However, sometimes a second pull on the cord is necessary to start it, especially in the morning. So a novice or beginner can effortlessly operate it. Even if you face trouble, simply take assistance from the included manual.

Eco Mode:

The eco mode is significant for additional hours from the same amount of gas. With eco mode turning on, your home appliances like the freezer and other items will run for 8 hours constantly on a single gallon.

Technical Details

  • Wattage: 2000 Watts
  • Dimensions: 22” x 13” x 20”
  • Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Engine Type: 4 Stroke
  • Engine Displacement: 79 Cubic Centimeters
  • Runtime: 4 hours
  • Maximum energy
  • Compact and ultra-lightweight
  • Easy to start
  • Low-idle technology
  • 79CC OHV 4 Stroke engine
  • Prone to overload issues

Why Should You Buy It?

This generator is equipped with all modern technologies to meet each requirement of a homeowner for power backup. Powerful enough starting and running watts, safe and clean power, low idle technology, compact design, and lightweight construction are some of the features to make your life worry-free during a blackout.

How to Choose the Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup?

Inverter generators for home backup are beneficial in several situations. Nobody wants to spend time without power at home, so buying the best portable inverter generator for home backup is essential.

However, it can be complicated to find the best unit. Consider the below factors to find the best model for your situation.

How to Choose the Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup


The first factor that needs to be considered is the power of your selected model. Undoubtedly, a stable stream of electricity is necessary for different electric equipment simultaneously.

So, look for a model that generates too required power for your outlets. It would be best to buy a model that produces more power than a requirement rather than one that creates too little.

Make sure to identify the power requirement of your home outlets before making a buying decision,

Reliable Performance

Don’t think that all the available generators in the market produce clean and safe power. Most cheap models don’t create a steady power source. In comparison, some expensive items are also unable to generate reliable power.

We recommend you look for an inverter generator well-known for delivering safe performance with consistent voltage. This will ensure that your electrical equipment is not damaged due to an electrical surge.

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is another crucial factor because fuel prices increase day by day. So, get an extremely fuel-efficient inverter generator.

Inverter generators run using either gasoline or propane. At the same time, some models come with the dual-fuel feature. Gasoline is more expensive than propane. But propane inverter generators are less efficient than gasoline.

Generally, all premium-quality inverter generators are fuel-efficient. Standard models will not let you break your bank to offer power backup to your home appliances, whether you run your inverter with gasoline or propane. But to find out the best one, read the customer reviews intently.


The good news is that all inverter generators are portable. But some models are more mobile than others.

If you require to carry your generator to the job site or other places of your home, make sure it is lightweight. Also, a convenient handle is mandatory. Moreover, built-in casters or wheels can aid the transporting procedure. This feature will play a vital role in how transportable the device is.

Remember, the more portable the device is, the smaller it will be. Also, a smaller device delivers less output. So, if your priority is portability, you have to give up some output.


Overall, inverter generators are quieter than conventional generators. Different models generate different sound levels.

For some homeowners, sound level matters most. If you have close-by neighbors or need an inverter generator for camping, don’t think twice; buy a less noisy unit. In the end, you don’t want to hear complaints from your neighbors or overwhelm your partners at the campsite.

Don’t assume a correlation between the sound level and generator power. Some less powerful models can become noisy, while a powerful model can generate less sound. It depends on the quality of the inverter generator.


Undoubtedly, you will want to invest in a model that offers several years of efficient service.

So, buy a device made by a recognizable brand. They use premium quality materials to manufacture an inverter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we shared answers to the few most searched questions regarding inverter generators for home backup. Read them intently.

Are Dual Fuel Inverter Generators Good for Home Backup?

Yes, dual fuel inverter generators offer clean and safe power for different home appliances. They will ensure your home will be running in the blackouts. Due to natural disasters, sometimes there will be no electricity for a week. As a result, everyone goes to the grocery store to buy fuels. There may be an extended line in the gasoline station. In this case, a dual-fuel inverter generator will be a lifesaver. You can power it by using both gasoline and propane. As a result, you can power your house despite having a shortage of fuel. Regarding this, you can buy the Champion Dual Fuel RV Ready Inverter Generator since it provides the necessary power backup anytime.

Can You Run an Inverter Generator 24 Hours A Day?

Yes, it is possible, but you need to pay attention to how heated your generators will be. Running an inverter generator for 24 hours a day will go extremely hot, causing permanent damage. Use a cooler fan or pack the unit with ice to cool the engine if you continuously need to run it for 24 hours. However, it is pretty impractical.

How Long Does the Average Inverter Generator Last?

The average lifespan of an inverter generator is 10,000 – 20,000 hours. Generally, these generators are used far less per year and can have a decade lifespan. However, the lifespan of an inverter generator may be reduced if you expose it to dirt, debris, and dust. So, we recommend you maintain the inverter generator to get more longevity from the generator.

Is an Inverter Generator Better Than a Regular Generator for Home Backup?

Inverter generators are compact, lightweight, and quieter than regular generators. They can convert DC power into AC, ensuring fluctuation-free electricity. The fuel economy is also less than traditional generators.

On the other hand, regular generators work at a constant speed. The speed is non-adjustable, resulting in unnecessary fuel consumption and noise.

However, whether you require an inverter or a regular generator, the buying decision depends on your personal preference.

Do Generators for Home Backup Need to Be Maintained?

Yes, similar to all other devices, generators for home backup need to be maintained periodically. If you don’t maintain the generators, they will get dirty. It may cause your generator to malfunction, which may reduce the efficiency of the generator. Therefore, lack of maintenance can also reduce the lifespan of your generator. In order to avoid future problems, filter and oil changes are necessary.

Can A Generator for Home Backup Replace Utility Service?

Here, the straightforward answer is NO. The cost of the utility bill is really lower than the fuel cost. Primarily, you have to pay the fuel cost of your own. Therefore, the cost of getting fuel for the generator will be more expensive than the electric bill. In comparison, the utility bill is shared by thousands of customers living in your neighborhood. Indeed, a generator for home backup can never replace the utility service.

Final Verdict

An overwhelming variety of factors are available that go into selecting the best inverter generator for home backup. You must choose a model that fits your needs. At the same time, the unit has to be portable enough.

Our top pick for the best portable inverter generator for home backup is the BILT HARD Quiet Inverter Generator 4000 Watt. It is powerful enough and fulfills all your power needs. Smooth-rolling casters let you transport it wherever you need it.

Moreover, innovative inverter technology creates a pure sine wave power curve, providing safe electricity for the most sensitive electric equipment. In addition, with a 2.2 fuel tank capacity, the unit delivers 14 hours of run time @ ¼ load. Overall, it is an excellent inverter generator for home use, RVs, camping, night parties, etc.

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