Can A Generator Damage A Well Pump?

We’re mostly dependent on electricity, and power outages can make things difficult to deal with. If we talk about the well pump, it almost always needs electricity to run. A well pump is an excellent way to supply usable water in your place.

Since a well pump always needs electricity, you’ll need different power sources like a portable generator to keep the pump running during power outages. Well, if you’re wondering can a generator damage a well pump, it actually depends on several factors.

You have to use a right-sized generator with a proper power system to run a machine like a well pump. Alongside the size and power system, you can learn other considerable factors to run a well pump with a generator throughout this article.

Can A Generator Damage A Well Pump?

Whether you’re using or want to use a portable generator for well pump, you have to consider many things. A generator can damage a well pump if you don’t consider some facts and use it properly. Some of the essential generator and well pump related facts that are included below have a look-

Can A Generator Damage A Well Pump

1. Generator Size

Since the well pump entirely relies on electric power, it’ll not work efficiently with the less power system required. Alongside improper workability, using a generator that doesn’t meet a well pump electrical loads requirement can harm the pump.

Using an undersized generator will provide an insufficient voltage which will cause damage to the well pump. Insufficient voltage can create both minor and many significant issues with your pump.

2. Not Using a Transfer Switch

Not using a transfer switch can significantly impact a well pump while running it with a portable generator. The generator can harm the pump and also can limit the power supply. The transfer switch can safely connect the well pump power utility and generator’s power system.

Moreover, the transfer switch will also eliminate any overlap by connecting the well pump and generator with the Genset cord. The generator’s electric power will run through the Genset cord to transfer the switch and to the well pump’s power system circuit.

3. Defective Generator

The use of a defective generator can cause an impact on a well pump. Defective generators can also pose a serious risk to consumers, including burn injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, electrical shocks, and more. With so many types of injuries, a faulty generator can damage a well pump.

4. Using Low-Quality or Dirty Fuel

Another reason to face issues with your well water pump while running with a generator is the dirty fuel. Using dirty or low-quality fuel will impact the power supply system of the generator and produce poor power quality. When the pump will not get adequate power, that will cause pump issues.

Can A Well Pump Damage A Generator?

It may sound strange, but a well pump can also cause damage to a generator. If you’re confused and want to know how a well pump can damage a generator, follow the below section:

1. Overload

Using a less powerful generator than the well water pump requires can damage the generator. Overload will cause intermittent power to rise, which will significantly impact the generator’s performance and cause an automatic shutdown.

2. Overheating

Overheating can be caused by plenty of reasons, and a well pump can be one of them. When you use the generator in a hot atmosphere to run a well water pump, the hot atmosphere can cause heating issues.

3. Over Speed

If the load in the generator circuit decreases, the generator will be forced to run above the average operating speed. Load loss increases the voltage of the generator, which excites the field and increases the speed of the generator. Well, using a generator to run a pump over time without rest will cause this over speed issue.

How Big Of A Generator Do You Need To Power A Well Pump?

How big a generator you need to get a good pump is a complex question that has no straightforward answer. What size and how big the generator you need depends on the power of your generator and pump. However, you need at least a 2000-watt generator to run a well pump.

How Big Of A Generator Do You Need To Power A Well Pump

While running a well pump with a generator, you have to give attention to the starting and running wattage. That is because both attempts require different wattage and starting requires more watts than the running.

For instance, if you’re running a one-horsepower or HP well pump, that means the pump will require 746 running watts. Then you’ll need a generator with at last 10% more wattage supply than running watts for getting adequate output. Here we’ve included an approximate date of well-pumps with starting and running watts, have a look-

Pump Size Running Watt Starting Watt
Well Pump, 1/3 HP 750 1500
Well Pump, 3/4 HP 1500 3000
Well Pump, 1 H 2000 4000
Well Pump,  1 – 1/2 HP 2500 5000
Well Pump, 2 HP 3750 7500

Safety Tips When Powering A Well Pump With A Generator

If you consider proper safety tips while powering a well pump with a generator, you can prevent nearly all incidents. Want to know what those reliable safety tips are? Follow the below steps to get them:

Ensure Ventilation:

Ensuring proper ventilation is the first safety step you need to take while using a generator for any purpose. Never place it inside or indoors, and always place a generator in an open field or area.

Keep the Generator Dry:

Alongside placing the generator in an open and dry place, you also need to keep the generator dry. Using a cover to protect the generator from the outdoor, especially hot and rainy weather.

Double-Check the Plug-In:

You should double-check the plug-in system and utilize a transfer switch while connecting a generator with a well pump. If you don’t prefer a transfer switch, use a heavy-duty extension cord to ensure a safe connection.

Avoid Back Feeding:

Avoid using the generator to back feed power into your home’s electrical system. It’s pretty dangerous and reckless when you plug in the generator with a wall outlet.

Final Thought

Now you know can a generator damage a well pump or not and how to prevent the damage. The use of an undersized and defective generator can cause problems in the well water pump. Also, not using a transfer switch and using dirty or faulty fuel can damage the pump.

However, you can prevent the damage by ensuring safe usability and useful safety tips. Always double-check the plug-in function and ventilation of the generator to eliminate any types of incidents.

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