How Many Watts Does A Pop-Up Camper Use?

A pop-up camper requires adequate watt to deliver the comfort you’ll need throughout a journey. But the number of watts for every camper might differ depending on the appliances in it. That is why many people usually ask how many watts does a pop-up camper use.

A pop-up camper uses about 1500 watts to 3500 watts. Generally, most campers come with an air conditioner, a heater, and some other electrical gadgets. These gadgets will require the right amount of power to function.

This article will answer the question concerning the wattage requirement of a camper in detail. Also, you will know how big your gen for the pop-up camper should be and find how to reduce power consumption in your pop-up camper.

How Many Watt Does A Pop-Up Camper Use?

A pop-up camp uses watts according to the number of appliances it powers. Remember you have your AC unit, which consumes like 2000 watts already. There are other gadgets you will have to power, and all that will answer your question on how many watts does a pop-up camper use. But let’s check some of the appliances in a camper and their wattage requirements.

How Many Watts Does A Pop-Up Camper Use

Run Down Of Gadgets That Needs To Be Powered

  • Midsize fridge 600W
  • Air conditioner 1500-2000W
  • Heater 1300W
  • Tv 200W
  • Microwave 1000W
  • Satellite 250W
  • Fan 40W
  • Light bulb depends on the bulb

When you add the wattage requirements of these appliances, you will arrive at the exact number your camper needs.

What You Should Know About A Pop Up Camper

A pop-up camper is a kind of vehicle, basically a recreational kind of vehicle. It can be compressed into a large box form and can equally be expanded back. So it has very large space within but looks small when compressed.

This camper can accommodate a small kitchen sink and a dining table. Also, it accommodates up to one or two queen size beds and built-in storage. It could also include a mini toilet and bathroom. The bathroom could have a heater and a shower.

Camping in a pop-up camper is one experience you will love to have. It is fun and brings maximum comfort. But one thing you must do is to ensure your pop-up camper has a complete power supply. This is because campers vary in wattage usage.

So, one important thing a camper owner should do is to run calculations of how many watts the appliances comprise. After the calculation, hit the market. There are so many power supply sources you will see in the market. Choose the perfect one for you.

How Big Of A Generator Do You Need?

One of the power supply sources you might love to buy for your pop-up camper is the generator. But, choosing the right generator for your camper can be very frustrating. This is because you have to get the right generator to avoid any eventuality.

How Big Of A Generator Do You Need

How big of a generator will you love to acquire in the market? A portable generator will best soothe your camper. Its cost should be fairly affordable. Moreover, its noise level should be minimal.

However, the most important thing about choosing your generator is ensuring it matches your power needs. Here is a list of some generators and their power output:

  • Jackery portable power station explorer: 1002 watts
  • Westinghouse WGen 7500DF Dualfuel:  7500 watts
  • Portable Generator
  • Rainer R4400 Portable Generator: 3600 watts
  • Goal Zero Yeti 200X Lithium: 200 watts

Whatever your choice may be, always remember that you need a reliable generator for your pop-up camper. This means a powerful generator that could power your electrical appliances.

How To Reduce Power Consumption In Pop-Up Camper

Having a lot of electrical appliances is fine. However, using them in a way that will not consume energy is better. When you feel there are lots of things consuming your energy, think about the amenities. One thing to constantly bear in mind is that all appliances must not necessarily be on.

How To Reduce Power Consumption In Pop-Up Camper

There are better ways to reduce the power consumption in your camper. First, make sure you identify which appliance you would like to run at a time. Do you keep bulb lights in a room on when you are not using them? Are there idle sockets that are left on? How long does it take you to power your refrigerator, cell phones, and laptops?

Take note of the most crucial gadgets you might like to have.

1. Heater

Using the heater is very important, mostly in winter. You should turn your heater on when your room temperature is very cool. This is to keep your room warm and cozy. However, it’s not wise to have the gadget on all the time as it is one of the heavy pullers.

So, you can improvise, especially for the heating aspect. First, you can use warmers such as blankets, cardigans, or hoodies to keep yourself warm during the cold. With this, you can substitute for a heater when the need arises. This little trick will reduce the cost of power consumption in your pop-up camper.

2. Fan/Air Conditioner

The fan or air conditioner are very crucial gadgets that should not be missing out on your camper. If you are out with the whole family in the summer, it will be a good time to keep them on all the time. So, it is not bad to have both in your closet as long as you can bear the cost of power consumption.

But, if you are thinking of curtailing the cost of power consumption, then this is for you. Try to do away with one as they both offer the same service. This will help you cut down the number of gadgets occupying space in your camper. Basically, it will reduce the amount of power consumption in your pop-up camper.

3. Television/ Laptops/Phones

You might love to ask if they are all the same. The question now should be, what can a television do that a laptop or phone cannot handle. So, you can leave behind your television and move with just your laptop or phone. Have fun with your laptop or your phone. Netflix can offer any movie you wish to see, and your goggle will give you recent news to feed on.

4. Cooking Gas Or Pot

Cooking at home and using a warmer to bring your food along with you is smart. Most travelers might love to eat just fresh food. Why not try open fire cooking with woods or any form of cooking style outside the camp. This is fun and will add more thrills to your camping experience.

Final Words

Are you thinking of how many watts does a pop-up camper use? The amount of watts a pop-up camper uses depends on the total estimated watts of available appliances. You should know that a pop-up camper requires enough power to run the appliance in your camper.

Furthermore, you now know that you can power your pop-up camper with an appropriate generator. However, always switch ON the necessary and useful appliance at the right moments to reduce your power consumption.

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