What Size Generator Do I Need for Pop-Up Camper?

A pop-up camper is like a towed, fun vehicle that you can collapse easily to transport and store. It provides an extensive interior space when you set it up. With a pop-up camper, you and your friends can create a unique and enjoyable camping adventure. But then, that can only happen if you have a strong pop-up generator. The generator can offer maximum power to enjoy your electrical appliances.

So, if you’ve been considering what size generator do I need for pop-up camper, we can say any unit that offers from 1500 to 3500 watts. But it depends on your appliances. This article will offer the information you need to decide on which generator to buy. Furthermore, you will discover the wattage capacity which a pop-up camper needs.

What Size Generator Do I Need For Pop-Up Camper?

The best size generator you need for a pop-up camper is the portable size. Any generator that can produce a minimum of 1500 watts and a maximum of 3500 watts and above is suitable for you. Pop-up campers are designed for outdoor purposes. So, if you’re wondering what size generator do I need for pop-up camper, check the ones that can power your appliances. With an appropriate generator for a pop-up camper, you can savor the simple necessities such as heating, refrigerator, TV, etc., on your adventure.

What Size Generator Do I Need For Pop-Up Camper

The majority of the best pop-up camper generators are portable. Though they are portable generators and not as strong as built-in ones, they’re still beneficial. Some benefits of portable pop-up camper generators include;

  • Multiple power outlets
  • Long-lasting power
  • Little maintenance needed
  • Less costly
  • Easy portability

What Are The Different Sizes Of Generators?

The different sizes of generators range from portable to industrial generators. The size of each generator is measured in the wattage it produces and not simply the physical appearance. That’s why you always need to check the power of the generator before buying.

Different Sizes Of Generators

Generators are available in diverse sizes, and working out the one that can suit your camper is a bit tricky. So check out these sizes of generators to help you decide!

1. Portable Generator

Portable generators offer electrical energy through a gas-powered machine which turns an onboard alternator to produce electrical power. You can use the power outlets of a portable generator to plug your appliances like refrigerator, extension cords, and other power tools. Their power supply goes from 1,725 watts and higher.

2. Medium Generator

A medium generator can produce power ranging from 3000 watts to 5000 watts. It may look small to you, but it is adequate to power some of your camper’s electrical appliances. Most people looking for an emergency power supply often go for medium generators. It can power a furnace fan, refrigerator, and a few other appliances.

3. Large Generator

Large generators produce more power since their power production ranges from 6000 watts to 9000 watts. If you need to use powerful equipment, large generators come in handy. For example, if your power pop-up camper usage reaches 6000 watts of energy, then it is advisable to go for large generators. This will enable you to use your electrical appliances simultaneously.

4. Extra-Large Generator

Extra-large generators are known to produce power that is up to 10,000 watts or more. It can power any major air condition unit in your home and other electrical appliances like a pumping system, lighting bulbs, and refrigerator.

5. Industrial

If you have to run a generator 24/7 or have appliances that need lots of power, the ideal size to go for is the industrial-sized generator. Industrial generators are created to keep businesses and large organizations functional in any emergency.

Choosing the right generator for your pop-up camper can be a bit difficult. However, if you go through these tips listed here, you can make the right choice that can meet your requirements.

Do Generators For Pop-Up Campers Need Maintenance?

If you want your pop-up camper’s generator to last long, there is a need to run some fundamental maintenance on it. Some of the maintenance processes include the following.

  • Carry out inspections on the generator before you use it.
  • Do not allow the generator to operate if its exhaust is leaking or damaged
  • The maintenance of a generator depends on how many hours of operation.
  • Ensure that you have a well-detailed log of the generator’s activity.
  • Always have a technician on call to check the generator for any major faults.


The reason you want to go camping is to have a mind-blowing experience. Thus, it is important to get the best pop-up camper generator that can support you, your friend, or your family’s needs when you do get away.

So, when you ask, what size generator do I need for pop up camper, the answer lies in the number of appliances in the unit. So calculate the total wattage requirements of the electrical appliances to know the exact amount. Then go out and buy the appropriate generator that is capable of carrying them all.

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