What Size Generator for Enclosed Trailer?

Most enclosed trailers do not come with a built-in generator. But, the ones that come with generators are usually very costly.  So, if your trailer doesn’t have a generator, you’ll need to purchase a generator differently to power the appliances inside.

To be on the safer side, what size generator for enclosed trailer will one purchase? First, you should know the capacity of appliances in your enclosed trailer. With this, you will know if a generator with 3500 watts or more will be good for your trailer.

This article will guide you on the right size of generator to buy and the cost of such generators for enclosed trailers.

What Size Generator for Enclosed Trailer?

Currently, most persons convey their goods and properties to their location using the enclosed trailer. Sometimes, people embark on a travel vacation or camping with an enclosed trailer. Enclosed trailer owners will need to have a compatible size of generator for this ride.

What Size Generator for Enclosed Trailer

A generator with 2000 watts is enough to power an AC. If you combine it with other electrical appliances in your enclosed trailer, you have to purchase a generator with 3500 watts.

Moreover, deciding what size generator for an enclosed trailer can be a bit challenging. This will involve observing the factors that could make a particular size better than the other. If you don’t get the perfect generator for the enclosed trailer, you might end up frustrated.

So, consider the factors below before deciding

1. Generator Capacity

Before you get a generator for an enclosed trailer, find out the total wattage your appliances weigh. Then, decide on the wattage of the generator you want to purchase. Do a little calculation and check if the generator will be able to carry the appliances. This action will help you buy a perfect size generator that will not cause damages to your electrical appliances.

2. Type of Generator

You will have to decide what type of generator you need for your cargo. If you do not mind getting a low-power generator for your appliances, go for a solar-powered generator. However, it is better to go for a generator that can power all the appliances. A gas or propane generator is an example of a generator that can produce enough power. This can help to sustain the durability of your appliances.

3. Portability of Generator

When considering the size of your generator, try to put portability in mind. This is very important because the enclosed trailer has a narrow space where the generator should be. So when you buy your gen, get one that could enter the space reserved for it.

4. Noise Level

A noisy generator could pollute the environment. Excess noise could be dangerous to your health. In addition, the sounds that come from a generator can cause headaches, especially in such enclosed spaces. So, when getting a generator, the noise level should be below 80dB.

5. Fuel Consumption

A generator that consumes excess fuel is as bad as a faulty generator. This is because it can destroy the engines of the gen and trailer. Also, such a generator is not cost-efficient at all. So check the consumption level before buying.

Which Is Better A Gas Or Propane Generator For Enclosed Trailer?

These two have very little difference in which is better than the other. The choice of having either propane over a gas can be personal as well. One thing is sure, gas can only last up to a year, but propane has the chance to last indefinitely.

Gas Or Propane Generator For Enclosed Trailer

One benefit attributed to gas is its availability. Gas is much easier to procure. One might just run out of gas and can immediately rush out to purchase another.  On the other hand, propane seems not to be available at some places; this can be risky. It will cost much to afford most times than gas.

There are other reasons why people would instead go for propane than gas. The cost of maintenance and storage of propane generators is less trouble and less annoying. However, its engines are strong and durable, yet they cost less to maintain.

A gas generator can be troubling. First, you will need to drain the carburetor. This is done to prevent the carburetor from blocking. You will also need to add a fuel stabilizer or empty the gas tank. All these can be stressful, and you will not find this stress in a propane-powered generator.

You might be enjoying the use of propane until you exhaust it. One bad thing about propane is that you cannot know how plenty or little your propane might remain. You cannot even tell where there is leakage; it only gets detected through the smell.

Propane can be very dangerous when it leaks. It could locate and open fire and flare the whole place up. This is unlike gasoline. You can see gasoline when it leaks, and proper arrangements will be made to wipe off the mess.

Meanwhile, it is still difficult to tell which of them is better. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. If it remains hard to decipher which is better, then a dual-fuel generator will be recommended.

How Much Does A Generator For An Enclosed Trailer Cost?

Actually, the prices of the enclosed trailer are based on the types and models you wish to purchase. Some brands that provide up to 3700 rated watts can go for $2,264.00.  There are also some brands with a transfer switch that provides up to 7500 running watts. This item is worth $1,549.27. It is also convenient for remote electric start.

A model with an inverter generator can go for at least $891.74. This type uses quiet technology to provide noise-free light to you. They’re most reliable and portable and offer 4000 watts which is enough to carry your electrical appliances in your trailer.


This article has been able to provide relevant information on generators for enclosed trailers. However, one vital question it has answered is what size generator for enclosed trailer one could possibly buy.

In addition, the article contains details on the preference between gas and propane generators. You might want to know the prices for these generators as well. Some models of generators and their prices are there as well.

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