What Will a 9000 Watt Generator Run?

Power outage is an inevitable phenomenon across the country. Having a backup plan will give you peace of mind if the power goes out. Always consider generators that have adequate power to run everything. So, what will a 9000 watt generator run?

I wrote this article to provide detailed insights into what a 9000-watt generator can and cannot run at home. I have also shared tips to run multiple appliances on a 9000-watt generator. First, let’s look at what this 9000-watt generator can run.

What Will A 9000 Watt Generator Run?

Unplanned power outage is a nerve-wracking and frustrating situation. Most indoor appliances depend on electricity to function. I recommend getting a backup generator that can run several home appliances at one time.

So, what will a 9000 watt generator run? A 9000-watt generator can run microwave, lights, dryer, coffee maker, washing machine, cell phone charger, computers, oven range, and a small central conditioning unit.

What Will A 9000 Watt Generator Run

Each household appliance needs a specific amount of power to run well. Watts is the S.I unit for measuring electricity. Below is a table showing typical household appliances with their running and starting wattage requirements:

Typical Home Appliances Running and Starting Watts

Appliance Running Watts Starting Watts
Small Central Air Conditioner 3800 Up to 11,400
Clothes Dryer 5400 6750
Washing Machine 1150 2250
Coffee Maker 1000 0
Microwave 600-1200 0
Blender 500 0
Full-Size Refrigerator 700 2200
Crockpot 250 0
50-Inch LCD TV 150 0
Laptop 50 0
Cell Phone Charger 25 0
Hair Dryer 1250 0
Dishwasher 1500 0
Oven Range 2000-5000 0
Electricity Grill 1250 0
Well Pump 2000 4000
Hot Water Heater 3000 0
75 Watts Light Bulb 75 0
Powered Cordless Drill 100 0
Toaster Oven 1200 0
Home Projector 300-800 0
Space Heater 1800 0
String of Outdoor Lights 40 0
Camping Refrigerator 350 500
Window Air Conditioner 1200 3600
Sump Pump 1050 2150

What A 9000 Watt Generator Cannot Run?

Many homeowners experience inconveniences and expenses due to unplanned power outages. A generator is an excellent backup plan against these problems. Always get to know the starting and running watts for each appliance before buying a suitable generator for your home.

What A 9000 Watt Generator Cannot Run

So, what a 9000-watt generator cannot run? Central air conditioners, clothes dryer, well pump, washing machine, and full-size refrigerator. These household appliances have motors or compressors that require an extra energy boost to start up and run continuously.

These large household appliances with a motor or compressor have higher surge wattage. It can be challenging to run these items simultaneously with a 9000-watt generator. I recommend going for a standby generator with higher wattage production.

If you are into the travel trailer lifestyle, a 9000-watt generator is not worth it. Getting the right size generator for enclosed trailer would be a perfect choice. It will help save on gas expenses and other hidden costs of running a generator.

The best option is to check your 9000-watt generator manual and identify the surge wattage supply. The information will help you know if your current household appliances can run well on a 9000-watt generator.

What Can You Run Simultaneously With A 9000 Watt Generator?

A generator can run limitless household appliances since it depends on the total wattage supply and not its dimension. Always consider the total amount of starting and running wattages of your household items before buying a generator.

If you have a 9000-watt generator, ensure the total amount of starting and running wattages is less than the production amount. It will help keep your generator in perfect shape and working condition in the long run.

So, what can you run simultaneously with a 9000-watt generator? Cell phone charger, computer, coffee maker, and 2-75 watt light bulbs. Ensure the total amount of running and starting watts are less than 9000 watts produced by the generator.

Below is a table summary for understanding the running and starting wattage for typical household appliances:

Household Appliance Starting Watts Running Watts
Cell Phone Charger 25 25
Coffee Maker 1000 1000
Two 75 Watt Light Bulbs 150 150
Refrigerator 2200 700
Laptop 50 50
Washing Machine 2250 1150
Total 5675 3075

Find the total amount for starting and running watts. From the table above, add 5675 and 3075 to get 8750 watts. These units are less than 9000 watts produced by the generator. It implies that the above household appliances can simultaneously run on the 9000-watt generator.

I recommend additional booster energy to enhance power consistency due to the refrigerator compressor and washing machine motor. The booster guarantees a steady flow of power to handle the running watts.

If the total amount of running and starting watts is more than 9000 watts produced by the generator, you cannot run the above appliances simultaneously. I recommend disconnecting items that consume more power.

Tips To Run Multiple Appliances On A 9000 Watt Generator

A 9000-watt generator can run some essential household appliances. But it cannot sustain some large appliances with motors or compressors.

Tips To Run Multiple Appliances On A 9000 Watt Generator

Use the appliance manual to have a general idea of the power consumption. Below are quick tips for running multiple appliances on a 9000-watt generator:

  • Use the manufacturer’s manual to determine the starting and running watts of each household appliance before connecting with your 9000-watts generator.
  • Create a list of essential household appliances with their starting and running watts.
  • Add up the total wattage in each column of starting and running wattage.
  • Add the running and starting watts to see if it is less or more than the generator provision.
  • If the wattage amount is more than 9000 watts, adjust the list by removing some non-essential household appliances. If the wattage is less than 9000 watts, your generator will enhance the steady power supply for multiple items without any problem.

Final Words

A 9000-watt generator can run essential household systems. If you have appliances with motors and compressors, you will need a booster to provide additional power.

Always check the starting and running watts for each household appliance. It will give you a general idea before connecting your 9000-watt generator.

Fortunately, a 9000-watt generator can handle almost every household appliance. It might need a booster to run a central air unit.

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