About Us

What is Generatorhelper?

Hello! Welcome to Generatorhelper. Here you’ll find different types of generators for different types of work. Generatorhelper is operated by a group of expert people who’ve extensive knowledge about generators and their accessories. It doesn’t matter what types of generator you’re looking for, here in Generatorhelper you’ll find all types of generators.

Our Team

Jose Barton

Barton is the owner and the author of Generatorhelper. He completed his graduation in mechanical engineering. After completing his graduation, he joined a well-known generator manufacturing company as a quality in charge.

After working there for a couple of years he started his own business where he sells different types of generators. Besides his profession, he loves to write about things that he deals with in his everyday life.

But the reason behind creating Generatorhelper is, Barton found that most of his buyers don’t have proper knowledge about generators. As a result, they pick the wrong one most of the time and don’t get the right output. So Barton decided to write on this matter and help everyone through this site who’s looking for a generator.

Russell V. Seward

Seward is the chief editor of our site Generatorhelper. He’s also a mechanical engineer. By profession, he’s a businessman, operating a generator repairing shop. As a technician of the generator, there’s simply nothing that he doesn’t know about the generator and its accessories. Because of his huge knowledge about generators and their mechanism, we hired him to our team.

Michael M. Benitez

Benitez is the head of our writing team. He joined us as a technical writer and now he’s the leader of our writing team. Benitez completed his graduation in English literature and linguistics. After completing his study, he worked for different writing agencies and magazine firms. We hired him in our team because of his excellence in writing and now he’s leading our writing team.

Our Review Process

We follow an organized process to complete our review process. First, we distribute the task among the team members according to their skills. We start with market investigation and product research. Then our expert team identifies the core features of the product and separates them according to their features.

We study the reviews of the product and note down the real buyer’s suggestions and feedback. After that, we deliver the information to the writing team to write an in-detail review with a complete buying guideline.

Our Testing Methodology

Market Research

To find the best generator according to your need, our research team first researches the condition of the market. We study the novelties of the product and market to figure out the customer’s needs and demand. While researching the market we look for the top quality generators from different brands that are highly appreciated by its customers.

Determining The Main Features

Different generator brands offer different features to draw the attention of the customers. If you don’t have in-depth knowledge about generators they can easily manipulate you.

Remember most of the features they offer are not so essential for you. If you look carefully, you’ll see that most of the features are added to increase the product price.

That’s why our experts identified the main features of the generators that are most essential for you. And, we separated the generators according to their core features so that you get the right one.

Product Selection

Once our expert team separated the generators according to their core features, we got a preliminary list of our selected products. During the time of generator selection, we mostly focus on the top-selling generators of the best brands that have good user feedback.

Review Analyzing

To get the real-life experience of our preliminary selected generators, we study the real buyer’s reviews of those generators. Even we have developed an innovative system to detect unnatural reviews so that we can only focus on the real reviews by genuine buyers.

Product Ranking

Product ranking is the process of identifying the best product that we have listed on our site. Not all the products come with the same features and benefits that we’ve selected for the review. Some are better than others.

To detect the best one we go through a product ranking process. In this stage, we give scores to our products based on their features, characteristics, durability, price, etc. A product that gets a high score means the best product compared to others.

Writing Reviews

Once our expert team completes all the research and analyzing processes they forward the information to the head of the writing department. Then the writing department writes a complete review of the product with all the features and descriptions.

Buying Guide

In the buying guide, you’ll find the total overview of our research and analysis process. By using this buying guide, you can easily select the right generator within your budget.

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